Article: Tech vs. Touch: A paradox or a continuum


Tech vs. Touch: A paradox or a continuum

There is a symbiotic relationship between tech and touch, and the efficacy of one vs. the other or the bias towards one or the other is defined by what the end-user perceives as a superior experience.
Tech vs. Touch: A paradox or a continuum
In today's age of digital transformation where everything in life has a potential digital mirror image or digital enablement, we often hear the refrain ‘Will the digital revolution and technology make humans obsolete?’ The most ironical question is when the same question is asked in the context of human resources function, which is all about people.  Let's examine this seeming paradox and try to arrive at a framework to ascertain what has supremacy between “Tech and Touch” and for how long. A unique lens of looking at this problem is to use the Korn Ferry research-based digital framework which examines the seven different ways digital and technology is transforming what firms do. The framework further links it through to the job architecture and what a firm is trying to achieve from a customer perspective. A Korn Ferry research indicates that there are seven kinds of digitally led work transformations that organizations may try to drive relate to the seve...

Topics: Tech&Touch, Technology

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Amid this new business imperative called EX, organizations are increasingly directing their focus on enhancing not only the professional prospects of their workforce but also their employees’ cumulative professional experience and creating that 'aha' moments. In this issue, we take a look at the right mix of physical, digital and emotional experiences that can help organizations elevate the employee experience, and more importantly the roadblocks that organizations face to create a home-away-home.

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