Article: How field service workers can be empowered using mobile technology


How field service workers can be empowered using mobile technology

Mobility solutions are technological tools that aid enterprises in cutting their operational costs and improving consumer services by streamlining the jobs for the field workforce.
How field service workers can be empowered using mobile technology

Mobility solutions are technological tools that aid enterprises in cutting their operational costs and improving consumer services by streamlining the jobs for the field workforce. These solutions help in collaborating and empowering the field workers by providing necessary information real time enabling them to take critical decisions during specific time frames. Mobile technology is imperative to any business. Employees constantly on the go & working out of office cannot be excused for not attending to issues that require instant attention. Addressing this need, enterprise mobility solutions enable employees to respond & act to situations as and when required. The operational efficiency increases as these solutions help the field workforce and the managers to be more productive in a day.

Mobile technology is integral to any business. Today, the way of working that has evolved - there are as many people working from office as there are working away from it. This transformation results in a new area of consideration for companies. These out of office employees should in no way have their work impacted or allow their performance to suffer due to downtime or non-availability of critical information. These employees should be able to perform as smoothly and comfortably as they would have if working at the office. Thus there is a vital need to infer upon them the same resources, critical information, access to inter department information; files etc. that are available back at the office so as to empower them to perform their tasks to their true potential.

These enterprise mobility solutions engage the field employees to react and act to circumstances, at whatever point needed in the best manner possible. They spare the expenses of operations without trading off the organization's data security. The field workers can find the client details with the intelligent applications and keep a track of the tasks assigned to them. Mobility solutions help the organizations to change their methods so as to work in a more composed, compelling and practical manner.

The ways of working and environments of companies have transformed over the years. One of the most important aspects is gathering of customer feedbacks. With the traditional ways of collecting feedback, companies have been faced with the problem of not being able to attain a genuine feedback from the customers. With features like on-the-spot collection of delivery experience, the mobility solutions empower the workers to get feedbacks and company specific information from customers at the time of delivery. Mobile Integrated solutions are helping the enterprises with field workforce to not just perform better but look better in front of the customers.

The operational effectiveness increases as the elements help the field force and the managers to track the business and correspond better with the employees dealing with field operations.  Field workers can likewise get to the information of the organization from anyplace while being on occupation.

The mobile solutions help the field workers to enter data directly without any paper work. This also saves time and money spent of rework and documentation. It also benefits the field workers to reach the customer’s location as quickly and as easily as possible with the help of GPS services. The field mobility solutions are all cloud based and the data is stored on a common platform from where all the field workers can communicate easily. For any customer to be satisfied and have a brand loyalty, the expectations of the clients need to be met. The customers expect a first-time solution for their needs and in a timely manner. In a recent survey done by Service Management and Trimble, out of all the companies surveyed, 88% of them stated that the majority of the customer complaints were related to no notification being sent to the customer for a delay. This creates a frustration in customers and results in a negative brand image. Most of the companies are willing to invest in technology and companies that offer them with Big Data mobility solutions for their field service operations. In a survey done 86% of the companies are ready to invest capital in technology for improving their operations and delivering customer delight. These solutions create business agility by empowering the employees with the right technology and thus bringing efficiency in operations.

It is imperative for firms to maintain a work-life balance so that no work is stalled just because an employee is out of the office. They need smooth and smart decision making on all fronts so that workflow is not hampered by virtue of concerned people being away from the office.

Following is a summary of the reasons why mobile integration is important for any company to grow:

· Access to critical information and necessary resources from any place at any time: mobility integrated solutions help employees to perform their jobs efficiently and complete them on time by giving them all the resources and information that they require on-the-go.  At times while troubleshooting, the workers might need procedural documents or manuals to carry out the tasks. With the help of these applications, the information and document can be accessed by them anywhere over the cloud based database and in real time. There are also features that help the remote workforce by updating them regularly. These instant real time solutions help create a much needed agility in business affair empowering field employees to make important decisions on the go.

· Visibility of operations: At any point in the day a manager is aware of what is going on – any glitches, delays, last minute requests, successful and pending workload for the day. This visibility of field operations allows them to address complications real time and include customer vagaries. This greatly reduces TAT and increases responsiveness towards the customers and keeps them delighted.

· Reducing time spent on administrative tasks and preventing human errors: These integrated solutions automate the work processes leaving minimum responsibility on workers to perform non-core jobs. Reports are generated automatically by the end of the day allowing workers to focus on their core jobs. The applications even enable the companies to capture the customer experience at point of service which is extremely critical for any organization.

With different sectors employing a wide variety of remotely based operations, having a fully functional enterprise mobility solution is the need of the hour. Companies which large numbers of employees often face hurdles in accumulating data and governing operations. These cloud based platforms offer companies with a precise outlook of the on field operations and provide them with valuable data and features like optimization, real time reporting, routing, auto assigning of tasks and other valuable functionalities that not just keep the manager sitting in the office to be in complete control of the operations, but also empowers on field workers to perform better, grow quicker and be a more integral part of their organization. 

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