Article: HR Cyborgs


HR Cyborgs

While technology helps talent managers do their job effectively, they should at all costs avoid the humanoid trap
HR Cyborgs

A technology-led talent management function will be capable of migrating most of the talent manager’s administrative tasks towards simple interfaces or body gestures


Intuitively, the talent manager exercises the rational mind to look at past trends to make best fit predictions about the future

Very recently, Virgin Airways successfully completed a two-week field trial of Google Glass. If you are a first-class passenger in Virgin, you’d be warmly received by a “glass-ed” hostess who’d literally know all about you, even pre-empt and address those considerations, which make your travel experience truly memorable. Business analysts tout this as the next big thing in customer relationship management. Futuristic technologies are rapidly making inroads into the way business processes are managed and executed, promising to improve them over time. These promises are grounded on validations, which unmistakably and unequivocally serve as proofs-of-concept. These are validations to the idea that data and efficiency are the only true measures of success in the future. Last September, we carried a story on the tectonic shifts in the discipline of human resource management by Big Data and argued about the possibilities that it was likely to bring. The Google Glass...
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