Article: Genpact - Learning is core to its Employee Value Proposition


Genpact - Learning is core to its Employee Value Proposition

A case study on how Genpact’s iLearn, a Cloud-based Learning Management System, imparts training to its 70,000 employees every year
Genpact - Learning is core to its Employee Value Proposition

A key aspect of ‘Synergy’ is to ensure that the Learning Management System is altered to suit the requirements of employees in different countries


When Genpact embarked on a journey to define its core employee value proposition a couple of years ago, it wasn’t surprising that the response from within and outside the company was unanimous. The entire spectrum of stakeholders, right from employees to leaders to clients to head hunters and candidates, all appreciated Genpact’s culture of learning when compared to the rest. While technology is embedded in all of Genpact’s operations, it is most visibly embodied in the Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS has transformed the way Genpact trains its employees.

Business drivers of learning

While moving to a Cloud-based system had emerged as the need of the hour, the core business needs that led the company to move to a Cloud-based system were highly nuanced. For instance, 7,000 employees were working from client-based locations overseas. As a result, they were unable to access the LMS. The technology that was earlier in place was not able to integrate courses together into a learning path. So, when new employees were made to go through operations training, the old system was not able to stitch the learning path together.

The need to integrate performance management system with the LMS was imperative and paramount as there was low level of employee engagement with the learning system and technology.

Thus, a key strategic initiative named ‘Synergy’was launched with the aim to streamline internal processes and systems to enable growth. Under Synergy, Genpact set up a Cloud-based platform to enable anywhere, anytime learning for the company’s 70,000 employees across the world. Genpact’s new LMS, ‘iLearn’, forms the base technology on which all the other platforms such as knowledge management systems and sales-enabled L&D systems are placed.

A key aspect of Synergy was to ensure that the system was altered in accordance with the employee’s needs in different countries. As a result, it was moved to the Cloud. And in 2012-13, Genpact partnered with Cornerstone On Demand, a platform that is user-friendly and for many in the company, the usability has come about intuitively. However, the company had to go through massive change management process. The internal communications team at Genpact involved itself in putting the new LMS system into place along with being a part of the process. Further, workshops were held in different countries for the company’s training team to familiarize with the new technology.

RoI of HR Technology

Implementation of LMS enabled Genpact to do more with less and increased productivity. The training team delivered productivity worth $400,000 within the same year of the implementation. Additionally, the training team was able to put e-learning in place before employees come for classroom training. Within a few days of the launch of an online lean program, over 20,000 employees registered for it. Also, the long pending employee need of mapping learning paths with career goals was accordingly solved. The system has emerged as an enabler to build expertise through which employees can take on bigger roles. Genpact’s analytics business, for example, recorded 52 per cent increase in employee coverage and 60 per cent increase in learner hours in H1, 2015 vs H1, 2014.

When Synergy initiative is complete, Genpact aims to establish social, video and mobile learning on the same platform. In the long run, it also hopes to integrate learning in day-to-day life like Linked- In and Facebook.

As told by Amit Aggarwal, Senior Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, Genpact


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