Article: Tech & Touch – Partnership, not paradox


Tech & Touch – Partnership, not paradox

How does a function that has traditionally prided itself on being the heart of the organization (that has dealt with peoples emotions and engagement) deal with the onslaught of technology in the human space?
Tech & Touch – Partnership, not paradox
We are at an interesting crossroads but one that is definitely not new to the human history. It is about the large-scale interface between the humans and technology. A couple of such memorable ones are, the first industrial revolution when humans allowed machines to take on a part of the burden of their physical labor; and the other being the onset of personal computers, when humans allowed machines to take on a part of the burden of their mental labor. Today, we are at a similar juncture where humans are allowing technology to define (or redefine) experiences related to the way we work, travel, shop, or the way we entertain ourselves.  The HR function has not been and is still not immune to technology impacts. Today, there is a burgeoning of HR tech and app companies, and most ‘People’ seminars and conferences are literally taken over by offerings and promises of technologies that will make our workforce (and by extension our organizations) more productive, efficien...
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