Article: The latest entrants to TechHR Singapore Startup program

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The latest entrants to TechHR Singapore Startup program

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Here are 14 out of the many HR tech startups that you can meet tomorrow in People Matters TechHR Singapore at Marina Bay Sands.
The latest entrants to TechHR Singapore Startup program

The People Matters TechHR Singapore 2019 conference to be held tomorrow (28th February 2019) at Marina Bay Sands is also a platform for many early-stage start-ups in the HR technology space to take the full opportunity and interact with investors, buyers and their peers during the conference and exhibit to the decision makers in the space of HR.

The participating startups will get a chance to showcase at the Startup Zone, meet investors one-2-one and attend exclusive masterclasses. 

Here are the latest HR tech startups to enter the TechHR Singapore Startup program:


Found In: 2017 

Founders: Laurent Vuibert, Michael Bertrand

Based out of: Singapore

MyBlueprints is a digital tool to make the whole coaching practice centralized, lightening the mental load of the coaches so that they can focus on the essential part of their business: Coaching!

MyBlueprints allows organizations to design their multidimensional coaching programs and engage with their clients in between the sessions. Coaches, both internal and external can create program timelines to share the right content at the right time and enhance the impact of their coaching. 

With MyBlueprints, they can also schedule multiple sessions for multiple clients in one go and optimize their coaching time.


Found In: 2018

Founders: Tamal Bhatia, Radhika Sarma, and Ishira Bhattacharya

Based out of: Bangalore, India is a conversation led platform that uses the science of coaching to help people achieve goals.

Through AI Led Conversations, learners can chat with a coach avatar of their choice and also collaborate with colleagues. Organizations can also capture insights on human potential and get data on performance. 

It enables organizations to instill goal-directed behavior and have qualitative data led decision making for their career growth. An easy to use conversational chat tool that provides career and professional guidance to everyone also strengthens employee engagement. Koach.AI helps organizations in building a collaborative, social and goal-oriented learning culture. claims to the most successful performance pedagogy of coaching to drive performance. These collective coaching insights provide a strong design framework for organizations.  With initial seed funding of undisclosed amount from a bunch of HNIs, including a Silicon Valley Serial Entrepreneur Soham Mazumdar, this India-based startup has clients like Qualcomm and Actimedia. 


Found In: 2018

Founders: Raghu Bharat, Shubhanshu Srivastava, Dheeraj Lalchandani and Nirmaan Agrawal 

Based out of: Bangalore, India

Talscale creates the first pool of pre-assessed Software Developers and helps companies to build top 1 percent technology teams with their talent. Talscale has taken the first steps in promoting ‘The Future of Work’ with developers finding the best remote opportunities globally. 

Talscale curated 2000+ top engineers over the last year and is trusted by multi-national companies like Samsung and Intuit, as well as startups and unicorns like Swiggy, Blackbuck, Capillary Technologies, Livspace, and Milvik. 

“While multiple investors have shown interest in associating with Talscale, their focus is on scaling their company before raising external funding,” shares the team. 


Found In: 2018

Founders: Angus Bankes,  Daniel Braithwaite, and Nick Johnston 

Based out of: London and Singapore

Veremark is an automated reference and credential checking platform for the recruitment industry. 

Having only soft-launched in February 2019, Veremark is being piloted within a select group of global talent marketplaces and large recruitment firms in the UK and Singapore.

A member of the UK Department of Trade's 'Global Entrepreneur Programme'Veremark has also been accepted onto the accelerator in Hong Kong, that invests in AI and blockchain startups in Asia.


Found In: 2019

Founders: Parag Grover, Ritu Agarwal, and Manish Minocha

Based out of: New York, USA

Launched recently in 2019 with a vision to transform the entire recruitment journey and revolutionalize talent acquisition, Visume already has five customers on board. From smart evaluation, video engagement to collaborative board, Visume’s platform provides recruiters and hiring managers many services to streamline the entire recruitment process. 

Visume also allows organizations to retarget the earlier candidates in the historical databases (organic or acquired). The candidates are continually matched for new opportunities that match their skills, and the most relevant candidates are automatically engaged. Employers can also manage the offer lifecycle including Offer Creation, Approval, Delivery and even tracking of the acceptance by the candidates. Prebuilt templates help speed-up the creation of offers.

Visume transforms and automates the Application Tracking process. The integrated cloud platform uses Robotic Process Automation for evaluating candidates and matching the right candidate with the right skill for the right job.


Found In: 2015

Founders: Gary Gan and Steven Lee

Based out of: Singapore (with operations in Vietnam and the Philippines)

JobKred provides technologies that empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the new digital economy. Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, JobKred decodes the interdependent relationships between industries, careers, jobs, and skills, and enables transformation in individuals, enterprises, schools, and nations.

Companies can use JobKred, which uses AI to identify where the company's Skills DNA is today and helps them evolve their Skills DNA to where they want to reach. The SPRE platform provides self-directed career development, personalized learning, and AI-powered course and job recommendations for employees, while helping HR and management identify future skills, build and track the future-ready capabilities of their organization. 

Besides helping several Fortune 50 MNCs and SMEs, JobKred powers the national job portal and national skills portal for the Singapore government and works with UNESCO, ADB, World Bank on international projects, and also empowers educational institutes with digital career guidance and adaptive learning for their students. 


Found in: 2016

Founders: Peter Šimún and Ladislav Gažo

Based out of: Slovakia, Europe

YesElf is a platform for providing personalized and predictive step-by-step walkthroughs for any enterprise software (like ERP, CRM or HCM) which makes employees more efficient without any additional personal training at right time by applying artificial intelligence and user behavior analysis. YesElf is changing the future of the employee onboarding, engagement and the adoption of digital products.

Utilizing machine learning capability YesElf can be trained on how to use any software application, integrated into any web-based or mobile application, can teach employees how to use enterprise software application using guides or walkthroughs. YesElf has analytics backend based on big data and it can evaluate user behavior and identify if the user needs guidance before he/she gets frustrated or leaves the application.

Direct Parcel Distribution, Aegon, CSOB Bank, Post Bank, Aliter Technologies and COOP Jednota Slovakia, among others, are some of the companies to have used YesElf’s platform. 


Found in: 2016

Founders: Kevin Tung Nguyen 

Based out of: Singapore (with head office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

JobHop is a SaaS (Service-as-a-Software) startup that leverages the latest AI/ML technology to help companies in SEA, starting with Vietnam, recruit faster, easier, and cheaper. 

JobHop ATS (Applicant Tracking System) helps companies streamline their recruitment process, enhance predictive analytics, smart reporting to ultimately save time to focus on candidate engagement. 

The company raised $710,000 in a seed round from Singapore-based KK Fund and Japanese HR conglomerate, Mynavi Corporation, in July 2017. 

Canopy Careers

Found in: 2017

Founders: Estyn Chung and Julio Orr 

Based out of: Hong Kong

Canopy is a next-generation job platform for millennial and Gen-Z talent. We help companies showcase their office, team, and culture using short video and rich media. This allows employers to promote their employer brand and attract great talent. By bringing jobs to life, candidates can get an inside look into companies and find jobs that fit.

Canopy focuses on entry to mid-level professional jobs and work with many fast-growing startups and corporates such as BASF, Maxim’s Knight Frank, Energizer, Deliveroo, Societe Generale, Wework, Lalamove and many more. 

This Hong Kong-based startup has a mission to help people make better career decisions hence provides free services for candidates. However, it charges companies a subscription for unlimited job postings and content creation including video production. Canopy is currently offering a free trial for organizations looking to transform the way they attract and hire quality talent.

Visit Technologies

Found in: 2014

Founders: Masaru Matsumoto and Kyoto Shimabayashi

Based out of: Tokyo

VISITS is a data-science company that helps organizations make data-driven decisions possible in fields that are volatile, ambiguous, and uncertain. Our core technology marries the human insights with machine intelligence to quantify the qualitative input. The tech is used in improving decision-making, talent management, and organizational culture integration. With $17 Mn raised till now, their clients to date span across many industries and include names like TOYOTA, Panasonic, LINE, MUFG, amongst others. 


Found in: 2016

Founders: Peter Yoong and Jay Huan

Based out of: Malaysia and Singapore

Pulsifi was formed in late 2016 with the aim of helping organizations identify and understand great talent using people analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

It gathers data to reveal deep predictions of individual soft traits (such as personality, work culture, interests, behaviors and attitudes) as well as hard skills and competencies to present employers with predicted work outcomes of an individual. These outcomes are then benchmarked with other employees and candidates to find out if they are fit for a role, team, and organization. Employers can also utilize these insights to make informed decisions on their people strategy, in areas such as recruiting, teaming, engagement, learning, and development.

As of February 2019, Pulsifi has secured over $2 Mn in funding from angel investors and has worked with companies like Nestlé, Reckitt Benckiser and Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems, among others. 


Found in: 2019

Founders: Rahul Ghatak, Sarajit Mitra and Govind Sandhu (Board Member)

Based out of:  Mumbai, India

The CRUX team mixes HR deep domain understanding together with data science insight and deployment capability with AI, deep learning and natural language processing. Their product story is an outcome of two years of intensive research, build out and testing on sample datasets.

It integrates large, voluminous and fragmented people data available in organizations into a single data cube or repository; makes it usable by transforming the data and collecting new data. It also allows organizations to do diagnostics on the data to identify anomalies and then run analytics on the data. The platform leverages data science and machine learning capabilities to then throw and bubble up actionable insights through brilliant visualizations enabling agile and robust decision making. 

We bring rapid intelligence into human capital management to create value for the business and manage key risks, enabling people and business managers to take agile decisions in real time.


Found in: 2017

Founders: Gaurang Torvekar, David Moskowitz, Avadhoot Kulkarni, and Dipesh Sukhani

Based out of:  Singapore

Indorse is a coding skill assessment platform that leverages a community of expert coders to review the skills of candidates to help organizations find the right developers faster. It can be used by both learners and organizations. Programmers can use it for skill validation, find better jobs and earn valuable rewards. Companies, on the other hand, can use it to find better candidates and streamline their process of recruitment. 

It was founded in 2017 by Gaurang Torvekar, David Moskowitz, Avadhoot Kulkarni, and Dipesh Sukhani while sharing offices with the Ethereum foundation. The platform launched publicly in October 2017 and has since grown rapidly in both features and user base.


Found in: 2009

Founders: Sammir Inamdar and Asma S Thorve 

Based out of: Pune, India

Founded in April 2009 by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in Education Technology, Enthralltech is a leading Learning Solutions company specializing in Gamification mapped to business outcomes that supercharge and engages the modern workforce to learn faster and better.

Enthralltech’s Empowered LXP is an enterprise solution which is quick-to-implement, easy-to-use and highly configurable. It has many companies with its platform across the globe like Microsoft, HDFC Bank, L&T Finance, PepsiCo, Asian Paints, SBI Life (JV between BNP Paribas & SBI), VFS Global, Tablez, DWTC, Titan and many more.

It has been created to empower organizations by managing their eLearning, mLearning, classroom-training, assessment and certification functions. The native mobile apps provide just-in-time and just-enough learning while the self-curated learning features help address the needs of the now globally recognized 70:20:10 learning model.

Unlike some of the other platforms which only serve as a system of record, its platform works as a learning engagement solution supporting impactful business outcomes.

Meet these and many more such startups at People Matters TechHR Singapore on 28th February 2019 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 

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