Article: Building a future ready workforce – L&T’s skilling journey

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Building a future ready workforce – L&T’s skilling journey

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L&T & Skillsoft launched a new version of AI driven Digital Learning Platform – ATLNext.
Building a future ready workforce – L&T’s skilling journey

68% of HR leaders say they will be building critical skills and competencies, a priority that’s among the top three priorities for over three consecutive years, according to a study by Gartner. Multiple research studies have pointed to the growth of jobs in niche skills. 

 “There’s a need to keep up with technological advances as the industry is getting disrupted multiple times,” said Dr. C JayaKumar, Executive Vice President & Head - Corporate Human Resources (CHRO) at Larsen & Toubro on the eve of launching ATLNext – a brand new version of its state-of-the-art digital learning platform.

Evolving business landscape

Citing L&T’s own journey, he noted how the company is disrupting the EPC industry by deploying technology such as IoT, Drones, AR, VR, ML, Advanced Geospatial Tech, Safety App, IoT for monitoring machinery and many others. All these require a new set of skills.

"We are getting into high-level projects where the scale, and complexity is enormous and to execute such projects needs advanced project management skills, business acumen, and people management skills. Continuous learning is very much required to enhance the competencies of our people through skilling, reskilling and competency development. The future of learning awaits everyone at ATLNext", he added. 

Larsen & Toubro (L&T), in collaboration with Skillsoft launched a brand-new version of its state-of-the-art digital learning platform "ATLNext". The platform is now equipped with Skillsoft's AI-driven, immersive learning platform designed to make learning easier, more accessible, and more effective. With this launch, L&T aims to provide its employees a comprehensive suite of premium and original content, including the broadest and deepest library of authorized technology and developer curricula, expertly curated role-based and skill-based learning paths, and multiple learning modalities that dramatically increase learner engagement and retention. 

Changing learner preferences

The addition of the new platform is also in response to the changing learning preferences. With a younger generation choosing to learn with digital tools at a time that is convenient for them, companies need to respond to these expectations.  

Marking this launch event, guest speaker Mr. Kamal Dutta (Managing Director, Skillsoft India) shared that the notion of digital transformation is not only about technology but also people more than anything else. It is the people who are the heart of any transformation.

"It is critical businesses take an active role in supporting their workforce through reskilling and upskilling, but it is the individual who needs to take a proactive approach on their lifelong learning. The power is in your hand. The mobile is in your hand. Learning is the most crucial area that you can invest in, which keeps giving dividends year after year", he said.

Mr. D.K Sen (Wholetime Director and Senior Executive Vice President - Development Projects) unveiled this new platform and noted "ATLNext was launched in 2006 by L&T in a small way, and today it is completely digital. The dependability of learning on ATLNext over the last two years has grown multifold", he said.  

Talking about the numerous features and functionality Skillsoft's learning solution brings, Kamal Dutta highlighted how this collaboration brings a vast array of courses on leadership development, business, project management and IT skills with a personalized user interface that enriches the learning of everyone at L&T India. 

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