Article: saksham: Empowering SMBs to lead their growth journeys and unlock innovation

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saksham: Empowering SMBs to lead their growth journeys and unlock innovation

Learning for all, the philosophy behind saksham recognises the critical role of learning in the growth journeys of enterprises of all sizes across industries.
saksham: Empowering SMBs to lead their growth journeys and unlock innovation

As a fast-growing company in the space of learning technologies, UpsideLMS experienced first-hand the disruptions that rocked the business landscape during the pandemic. One of the greatest lessons from these challenging times was that learning is a need for all enterprises, regardless of their size, industry and stage of development. But the burning challenge that remained, especially in the SMB space, was the lack of access to a robust, all-inclusive LMS/LXP platform that can automatically sync to their unique business needs.

This was a hurdle that UpsideLMS also had to overcome as they recruited new employees and had to upskill their current workforce in line with the changing skill demand. As a result, they came up with ‘saksham’, which translates to being capable and are on their mission to empower fast-growing SMBs like them in their capacity-building ventures. If you’re wondering what sets saksham apart from all the learning technologies in the market, its most significant benefit is that it comes at ‘No Cost.’

What comes under saksham’s No Cost benefits?

Synonymous with the tag ‘Learning is for all’, saksham has been designed with the vision to make the L&D space more accessible to SMBS and ensure that they can keep up with the dynamic landscape at the lowest cost possible. And one of the ways in which this is made possible is by cutting off a major portion of their L&D costs by offering an LMS that includes:

  • Unlimited Learners
  • Unlimited Content
  • AI recommendations, gamification
  • Multiple learning modes such as mobile and social learning
  • Learning Capability Development – Learning Tracks, Automatic Completion Certificates, Transcripts, etc.
  • Configurable Automated Communication
  • Knowledge & Collaboration – Communities, Discussion Forums, FAQs, Polls, etc.
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Customer Service & Guides

saksham is a replica of their more extensive UpsideLMS platform offerings, except that it comes at no cost to those who implement them and has certain limitations in terms of storage and logins. But the user interface is exactly the same to ensure efficiency and accessibility. For any learning solution to deliver on its benefits, two things are absolutely critical: options for personalisation and easy implementation or integration. With saksham, both of these features are found by organisations looking to get started on their learning journeys. They always have the choice to customise the platform in line with their growth vision for the future. Most importantly, the use cases of the solution are not limited and can be expanded to meet the diverse needs of organisations of all sizes. After all, learning is the investment that all enterprises must make to strengthen an agile and future-ready workforce. 

How can SMBs benefit from implementing saksham?

Along with strengthening your workforce to thrive in the future with the on-demand skill sets, saksham’s offerings are also targeted to meet the larger needs of employee experience. So while this intelligent, easy-to-adopt learning solution does champion the cause for business growth and innovation for SMBs, it also enables them to design and deliver a desirable employee experience. 

With studies highlighting how 93% of employees will stay longer at a company if it invests in their career development, investing in a learning culture backed by the right tools and technologies is pivotal. Moreover, SMBs can no longer be limited by their learning budgets. And if that isn’t enough, here are some more benefits that organisations, especially fast-growing companies, can expect after implementing saksham:

  • Increased employee retention: A strong learning culture is one of the key ingredients to overturning the tides of rising attrition today. This is primarily because an employee chooses to stay in a company that offers them continuous career growth offerings as the business landscape transforms rapidly.
  • Seamless onboarding and talent development: Along with upskilling your current workforce, investing in the talent development of new joiners goes a long way in both employee retention and building the right culture. By investing in the growth of your new hires right from the onboarding stage, companies can expect seamless integration of candidates into their designated workflows. 
  • Sales enablement and Compliance training: Although saksham is not limited to a single user, one needs to recognise the opportunities it offers to maximise revenue by upskilling your sales team. Additionally, it empowers growing companies to manage risk and keep up with the changes in the evolving regulatory landscape as they innovate new products and services. 

So what are you waiting for? Get on board with saksham and redesign your learning culture to unlock innovation and unleash growth. At no cost to your organisation, this solution empowers you to lead learning for all, anytime and anywhere, while scaling your business to new heights. If you’re looking to succeed in this challenging yet exciting future of work, click here and know more about the power-packed learning ecosystem that awaits you with saksham!

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