Article: 'Simplicity drives demand for HR tech'


'Simplicity drives demand for HR tech'

Adrenalin CEO & MD Balaji Ganesh on how technologies are helping organisations develop agile strategies for impact
'Simplicity drives demand for HR tech'

Quickly acting on a positive or negative social media brand activity helps organisations maximise opportunities and minimise risks


Q. What is driving the demand for HR technology in India?

A. The need for simplicity is driving the demand for HR technology in the market. In a highly complex operating environment, the deluge of different processes is compelling organisations to think about unification and simplification and consequently driving the need for HR technology. Another key factor driving the upsurge in HR technology demand is the changing nature of organisational demographics. As the percentage of young talent grows in an organisation, the proliferation of social media, mobile and collaboration tools within the enterprise happens proportionately.

Collaboration has become a vital factor of the technology plans of any organisation because the current generation workforce prefers sharing and sourcing of knowledge and resources even while executing individual tasks and assignments. Organisations thus are constantly on the lookout for tools and technologies that allow seamless collaboration between employees. Therefore, presence on the web and social media is a vital part of an organisation’s talent management plan.

Q. What are the points of caution for an organisation’s talent brand on social media?

A. There are a few risks of spreading an organisation’s web and social media presence. First of all, it is difficult to administer control over web-based social media interactions. Several cases keep cropping from time to time showing how an organisation’s product and talent brand was severely affected due to some unwarranted social media activity. At the same time, it is no secret that an organisation that restrict employees’ social media usage will perhaps not likely end up with as a preferred talent brand. There has been a rising trend in organisations trying to overcome this challenge by building internal social media platforms hosted on the company’s intranet that try to replicate the user-experience of some of the most popular public-domain social media platforms.

Companies are now very serious about gathering information from public social media forums about what is being spoken about the organisation. Many companies take concerted steps to influence positive opinion about the organisational brand by influencing what employees post on external social media. Consequently in the services space, there has been an upswing in products and services that help companies analyse the organisation’s social media brand and devise strategies to influence them. The need for such analysis is gaining prominence because most employees have access to public social media through smartphones.

Q. What are the technology options available for talent brands on social media?

A. There is a great need for a company to be agile and proactive with their social media strategy. Agility refers to quickly acting on any positive or negative social media activity. Precedence has shown that it takes very little time for any influential social-media activity to go viral and this can greatly affect an organisation’s brand. Companies, therefore, are looking to employ products that enable them to quickly act on any social media activity. For example, there are technology products available now that provide real-time alerts whenever any content about the company is posted on any social media.

Smartphones have caused a huge upsurge in the space of apps for HR processes. Nowadays, most of the enterprise HR processes can be conducted through a smartphone with an internet connection. Many of these apps are also available to companies for customisation according to unique processes in an organisation. Technology service companies help organisations capture unique processes and create customised apps for various purposes such as performance management, engagement initiatives and social-media.

Social media and mobile technology will drive brands and talent strategies to a great extent in the coming times. While evaluating a technology solution, there really are two key criteria that an organisation should evaluate: Whether the solution meets the organisation’s requirement and if it is adaptable and scalable to meet future requirements. It is in the best interest of an organisation to start thinking about the impact of social and mobile technologies and how to build strategies around them.

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