Article: Winners of Buddies of Wellness | Star Wellness Programs of 2023 announced

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Winners of Buddies of Wellness | Star Wellness Programs of 2023 announced

Winners of Buddies of Wellness | Star Wellness Programs of 2023 were recently announced in India’s largest Total Rewards and Wellness Conference, the People Matters TRWC 2023. We take a look at the winners and the factors that determined the winning strategy
Winners of Buddies of Wellness | Star Wellness Programs of 2023 announced

What makes an award winning wellness program? Is it making wellness programs holistic and increasing the ambit of offerings? Or is it making well-being programs engaging and inclusive to employees, reflecting realities of a hybrid world of work? Or perhaps it is a questions of using the right digital wellbeing technologies?

Like most critical talent management questions of today, the answer lies some where in the middle.

Looking back at 2023 one will see how the focus has shifted from addressing physical needs to taking a holistic approach. Dimensions of wellness today include emotional, financial, and social aspects of an employee's life. In a time when hybrid work is actively taking newer forms—with return to work becoming a prominent trend—, companies are taking significant steps to improve their employees' overall health and well-being by helping them develop healthier lifestyles and providing them with tools to fight mental health issues, burnout, and digital exhaustion.

Inclusivity, accessibility, and engagement too are important criterias for impactful well-being programs. While personalisation is the need of the hour, programs that were able to create the most impact were those that saw a high level of engagement and adoption.

These among many were some critical aspects that we looked to select our winners of the People Matters and Medibuddy Buddies of Wellness | Star Wellness Programs of 2023.

The People Matters TRWC 2023 saw 11 companies across different sectors be crowned the winners of this wellness recognition program. The winners of our second edition of Buddies of Wellness were:

Infosys Technologies Pvt Ltd
Volvo Group India
Procter & Gamble - India
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
KPMG in India
Reliance Industries Ltd
Tech Mahindra Limited

Our winners were selected from a range of participants and stood out in their dedication to enhancing employee healthcare and well-being. In addition to looking at employee well-being holistically and creating the right digital and tech driven platforms to enhance the efficacy of their programs, the winners were able to drive other employee metrics through their wellness programs.

Companies have also sought to develop impactful wellness programs to address the growing concern of employee turnover. Across the globe, burnt out workers are quitting, changing jobs, or are disengaged. Our winners were able to create wellbeing programs that helped them tackle stress and improve emotional and physical well-being to create a culture of wellness.

The other critical defining factor that made the winners stand apart from the rest were the sheer scale at which they were able to deliver well-being programs and ensure wellness doesn’t take a backseat to other employee conversations. By weaving well-being into traditional HR conversations around productivity, engagement, and experience, the winners were able to create leadership buy-in and in turn support their workforce to better their well-being.

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