Blog: The power of one for Inclusion


The power of one for Inclusion

A video which captures the myriad little things that go by unnoticed at the workplace, thereby constituting active biases; and how each individual can express oneself to address them
The power of one for Inclusion

As organizations today become increasingly diverse, a majority of the discourse on creating truly inclusive workplaces revolves around macro-level and organization-wide factors. The inherent complexity of the social, economic, political and cultural aspects of this discussion makes it virtually impossible for any specific intervention to encompass all kinds of diversity. Regardless of how well-intentioned and earnest an organization's efforts are, biases are still bound to creep in.


However, how often do we think of tackling the issue from the micro level, i.e. individuals themselves? Realizing that every single person has a distinct voice, and giving that distinct voice a chance to be heard can go a long way in building an inclusive workforce environment.

With the endeavor of demonstrating how each one of us has the power to make a difference, Accenture recently launched the 'Inclusion Starts With I' campaign, which brings to light the several different ways in which biases manifest themselves. In this beautiful and thought-provoking video, we find various Accenture employees, coming forward and freely expressing the biases they have to face at work, and from the society. They are distinguished from each other by their respective backgrounds, but united by the thought that all individuals are unique, and deserve to be respected for who they are. 

So go ahead: watch the video, and feel more human.

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