Blog: Ways to increase productivity at work through innovative engagements

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Ways to increase productivity at work through innovative engagements

Companies looking to roll out innovative engagement programs for employees are focusing on team spirit and engagement
Ways to increase productivity at work through innovative engagements

To get the best out of an employee, a workplace - whether large or small – needs to be driven by factors that motivate employees to be efficient. Less productive inputs and lower efficiency levels are bound to affect business and jeopardize sustainability and survival. A key factor in increasing productivity at workplace is to create an engagement level between supervisors and employees and build a team spirit. We all know that increasing productivity is one of the most critical goals in business. To retain employees, companies are going an extra mile to offer benefits apart from basics.

Traditionally, organisations have resorted to one-way communication strategies, recognizing employees through newsletters and emails. Such methodologies fail in today’s time and do not give enough motivation to perform or share knowledge and ideas, which are important for an organisation’s growth.

Engagements always lead to a win/win situation for employee and employer. It is seen that people, who are engaged in their work and also at workplace, are more productive. The benefits of an engaged workforce are higher retention rates, more innovation and over the course of time, greater profits for an organisation.

In order to address employee retention and understanding the requirement of employee engagement, the need of the hour is to increase employee productivity and innovate – and to do this, the organisation must keep employees inspired and engaged by enabling collaboration. A successful engagement platform can enable a synergistic relationship between business leaders and employees to cultivate collaboration and co-creation. Through efficient programmes, employees can be motivated to collaborate and innovate. Such activities promote a spirit of growth and learning. The activities include positive work environment, taking teams out for lunch/dinner/movies, and organising family days. These extra initiatives go a long way in motivating employees, improving overall performance, team effectiveness and operating efficiency.

There are various benefits of engaging with employees. Building and sustaining employee engagement not only boosts productivity, but also helps employees in stress management and balances their work-life.  It also helps organisations tap in to the inner aspirations that drive self-initiative in their employees. It turns out that full engagement doesn't come from the usual external rewards, financial incentives or other traditional benefits. Various engagements drive the intrinsic motivation—and propel them to perform.

At bluO, we have realised the importance and benefits of employee engagement and have been organizing Corporate Bowling Tournaments for the past five years. Over the years, there has been a rise in the number of companies participating in the event. Our tournament transforms workplace behaviour through invoking team spirit and energises every employee to give their best and displaying a fighting attitude to win.

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