Blog: Challenging the stigma of women working late hours


Challenging the stigma of women working late hours

Breakthrough’s new ad on women empowerment attempts to knock down the apprehensions attached to women working until late.
Challenging the stigma of women working late hours

With the growing number of crimes against women in India, one could not reiterate enough the need for a safer world for women.  Ambitious women who wish to make career their topmost priority often have to think twice as fear takes precedence over their career aspirations.  Being successful at work often means going the extra mile, and working late into nights alone. Families inadvertently discourage the working female members to stay late in office. One cannot blame the family as they merely want their women and young girls to be safe. 


The ad shows a young woman travelling in a cab late at night when she receives a call from her worried father to ask her whereabouts. On learning that she has taken a cab to travel home from work he gets frenzied and asks her to give him the registration number of the cab. The young woman tries to calm her father down and hands over her cell phone to the cab driver who happens to be a young woman. The lady driver, in a calm and composed tone, assures the father that she will safely get his daughter home. 

The ad successfully tries to project a society where women thwart sociopaths not by fearing and staying behind the doors but by confidently standing together. The ad film also remarkably attacks the stereotype that driving as a profession is not meant for women.

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