Blog: How to stay stirred in business or career: A catastrophe perspective

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How to stay stirred in business or career: A catastrophe perspective

There are many recommendations that would be helpful in order for one to stay motivated even when one doesn’t feel like it.
How to stay stirred in business or career: A catastrophe perspective

Gone are the days when one does not have to be over confident upon being motivated as always. No matter how successful one is in their business or career, One may mislay motivation at any given point of time. This is actually trending in a whole heap these days specially during this Pandemic and Economic Crisis agitated due to it. Don’t worry it is far too common now, In fact spells of not being motivated are common even in those who seem to be motivated all the time, Including those in the motivational professions per say!!!

However, there are many recommendations that would be helpful in order for one to stay motivated even when one doesn’t feel like it.  I would urge you to read this article and then more importantly apply it. Remember, learning is one part of the skirmish, the other part is smearing what you have learnt.

Tenacity has to be Rich

Understanding why you are doing something and doing so on a deep level makes a difficult job much easier. On the other hand, the easiest job in the world can seem very hard if you don’t even know why you are doing it. 

Cascading the Goals

Seeing things as a whole makes them look overwhelmingly big. Chunk it down into small bits. Concentrate on the parts and soon you will finish the whole of it. If you have a yearly goal break, in order to hit it effectively you need to a lump it down into a six monthly goal, then further into a monthly goal, then a weekly goal, a daily goal and even an hourly goal. As long as you keep hitting your hourly goal, the yearly goal will be achieved automatically. This strategy is a great way to increase your productivity. But remember to remind yourself why you are doing it. That will keep you motivated while you work hard on a daily basis.

Be Optimistic Enough

Believing you can do something makes it much more easier to do it.  People who believe something is possible actually put in the effort to make it possible. Those who believe something is not possible have a much harder time pursuing a goal. As a result of that lack of belief they are also much more likely to give up when the going gets tough.  Keep believing that you can do something and eventually you will be able to do it. Barring certain laws of the universe that make some things impossible, everything else is really possible!

A simple way to build belief is to do one things one step at a time. At first your belief may be very low but you will have to still convince yourself to take the first step. When you do take that first step and realize that you can do that thing, you will build up courage, belief and skill and as a consequence doing the same thing will become easier and easier.

Accept the Failure

Believing in yourself is good, but being over-confident isn't a good thing because no matter what one does, things will go wrong. When you try a new thing, chances of it going wrong are very high. When you do a tried and tested thing, there are still chances of unexpected failure.

A skilled general, business person, sports team captain or even a master player never relies on just one plan. Because it is impossible to predict the exact outcome of just one action. They always multiple plans ready to respond to the rival. If plan A doesn't work, there is plan B. If plan B doesn't work, there is plan C and so on. When you anticipate crisis, you are much likely to have multiple contingency plans to deal with it and you are much less likely to be demotivated when it happens, because you will not be caught off guard. But my point, those who are willing to face failures, learn from those mistakes and try again and again eventually acquire enough skills and experience to maximize the probability of winning. Those who are afraid of failure on the other hand ironically become the biggest failures. 

Eco System Matters

This one is  a little tough but can be done if you put in a conscious effort to do it. As children we have no control over what families we are born in, what views we are brainwashed with and what environment we grow up in. However, as we become adults we begin to develop more and more of an ability to do so.  But social conditioning is hard to change even if you change your physical environment so you will have to work really hard on doing so. Cut out the gossip and the entertainment and the fear mongering that the media feeds you. Replace it mostly with things that lead to self-improvement. Soon you will find the same motivation because habits are contagious whether good or bad.

Keep on Building the Learning Curve

Knowing that someone before you has done exactly what you wanted to achieve before makes it much easier to believe you too can do it, doesn’t it? The simple way to achieve something you want to achieve is to learn from someone who has done it before. It doesn’t mean you ape them as circumstances are certainly different on a case by case basis. But on a general level the methods used by an individual that helped him/her succeed, especially those methods that have also been replicated by others with immensely successful results are a good blueprint to follow.

So have role models, try and interact with them if you can and if you can’t then read about them, their psychology and their methods. Also learn about how they kept themselves motivated when they didn’t feel like working or when the going got tough. You will receive some amazing nuggets of wisdom that will be of great value to keep yourself motivated on your journey as well.

Vie with the Groups

People often say be your own competition. I refrain to agree more. When it comes to hobbies, you can compete with yourself, but those who compete only with themselves in the professional world, end up getting destroyed very quickly because they never try to match up to the extra-ordinary standards set by their rivals.

Competition with others when done in a healthy way will make you challenge your limits to the extreme in a way that would never be possible if you only decided to compete with yourself. When you see yourself making incremental progress you may be reasonably happy and content that you are making some progress, but it is when you compete with someone better than you that you really challenge yourself. The best cutting edge technological products we use today are a result of intense competition between companies.  Sports records and the limits of the human body is stretched every day because of competition between athletes.  Man reached the moon because of competition between the USA and Soviet Union.  Competition when done in an ethical way brings out the absolute best we are capable of and motivates us to do things we would never do if there was not a challenge out there waiting for us.

Significance of time

If there is one thing that everyone in the world shares more or less equally, it is time.  You can make back all your money but you can never make back time. Our time on earth is so limited that the future is never the right time to begin anything, the right time to begin anything is now. Procrastination won’t get you anywhere. Whether you want to live your life pursuing your goals while living happily in the moment and planning for the future or whether you want to waste it away on doing things you don’t even enjoy or will regret is a choice you have to make. The more you realize that time is limited, the more you will be motivated to start or keep working your goal or your dream project or some other dream before it becomes too late.


I hope the recommendations mentioned above have been useful and this artefact might have given you the information in order to learn how to stay motivated. However, knowledge without application is inadequate. Knowledge with application becomes astuteness. So apply these advices and hope to see things changing for the better good!!! 


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