Blog: How to manage stress during the 'COVID-19' catastrophe


How to manage stress during the 'COVID-19' catastrophe

Here are some ways to manage your stress during this difficult time which will help you in developing a spirit to counter the ill effects of this virus.
How to manage stress during the 'COVID-19' catastrophe

COVID-19, the contagion is ruining today’s world. There have been very few instances in the history of mankind, where an entity, invisible to us, has wreaked havoc on this world. Its exact properties still remain a mystery to us, and we are trying to learn every day how to overcome this. The human life thrives on planning. However, this present unpredictability and uncertainty has totally demolished our future plans. A term, totally unbeknownst to us, is now the most talked about thing, and quite honestly, the biggest matter of concern in today’s world. 

Life seems to have taken a U-turn for everybody in these last few days. Perhaps this was the most unanticipated disaster in all our lives. All of a sudden, there is so much panic, distress, agony and negativity amongst us. Anxiety and fear seem to be growing at an exponential rate, and a cloud of uncertainty is being cast all over us. The continuous media cycle and deluge of WhatsApp messages surrounding this outbreak, has only made matters worse. Stock markets have crashed, Economy is in doldrums, Business houses are struggling for sales, complete lockdown situations in so many districts and states, suddenly people have realized that life is so uncertain and we always should expect the unexpected. 

Amidst all this, of course other than the usual procedures of following good hygiene practices and sanitising often, we need to take care of our emotional state of mind too. Managing our stress levels and developing our immune system is the only alternative available to us to fight this uphill battle. Decreasing our stress levels and maintaining a good happiness quotient will help our body to release positive hormones (e.g. Cortisol) which will help shield us against this virus. 

Remember these words by Robert Schuller - Tough Times never last, but tough people do.”

In light of all this, here are some ways to manage your stress during this difficult time which will help you in developing a spirit to counter the ill effects of this virus:

Practising Yoga; Long-lived therapy to enhance immunity: Yoga has been proven to have health benefits since ancient times. Yoga is not just about bending or twisting the body and holding one’s breath, it’s a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. During such crucial times, people must practise Pranayams, deep Breathings and Sun salutation.

“Yoga means addition; Addition of energy, strength and beauty to the body, mind and soul”

Progressive muscle relaxation and mild home workouts

These techniques are great alternatives for the body and the mind. These techniques act as great saviors for both our mental and physical beings.  There are numerous muscle relaxation techniques and easy to do home workouts available on YouTube, which people can refer to in order to start their days on a healthy and positive note.

“Life is too short to stress yourself, sometimes you need to stop worrying, planning and just relax, release and let go”

A good night’s sleep

A good sleep is indispensable in combating the repercussions of this existing pandemic. Sleep is the best way to help you recover the emotional rollercoaster which we all are experiencing at this juncture of time. 

“A good sleep is always an emotional first aid”

Eating healthy and nutritious food, preferably vegetarian

These days every Restaurant or Mall is closed and there are no household servants/cooks available. People might have a negative opinion about this, but this is the best time to explore our culinary skills and prepare healthy and hearty meals which your entire family can relish together. 

“ Let food be our medicine &  medicine should be our food”

Meditation and visualization for calmness and peace

Meditation and Visualization are empowering tools to enhance consciousness and self-awareness and to focus our mind (keeping it away from the negativity all around). These are one of the healthiest ways to induce positive vibes in your mind, body and spirit, therefore expanding your capacity for creativity. 

“ When you are at peace, you attract Positive energy from Universe”

Pray to Almighty

Whether you are a believer, an atheist or an agnostic, always remember that Prayers have unfathomable power. You should often pray to the Almighty, that these testing times fade away soon and together, we come out as winners and overcome this pandemic.

“Believe in the power of prayer. If not for yourself, believe in it for others. The world is weak, prayer is powerful and He can do anything"

While none of us are clear when this pandemic will subside and how long we are to indulge in social distancing, this is not the time to get engulfed in distress and fear. History proves that crucial times always bring new opportunities and we as human beings take this as a learning in our lives. Let this time of Crisis not fade out your happiness. Look for possibilities that take you ahead.

“This too shall pass”

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