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Draw lessons from the mundane

Elango R. shared insights from his own career, about a balanced approach to work and life, equanimity and success management
Draw lessons from the mundane

Perseverance is a word applicable even to the successful.

Joining People Matters for Season 2 of ‘Talking Matters’, Elango R. had much to share about his journey to success as an HR person. Elango, who is the EVP, Emerging Geography SBU and Global CHRO at Mphasis, has transformed the HR space from a support function to a business critical function.

While he had valuable insights to share — be it about functioning during complex HR situations, or the importance of being diplomatic at the workplace, and his outlook towards the Indian landscape when it comes to the HR sector — it was the simpler and personal things that are worth mentioning.

From a successful entrepreneur to the man on the street, it is the little things, the ordinary sequences of events that influence him. What is great about these early experiences is that they can be mundane, but the difference is in the attitude with which one extrapolates the message from them. Elango was in the 7th standard when he was caught reading a book in class. His teacher, instead of reprimanding him, handed him another book to read. This, Elango revealed, was one of the early experiences that shaped his success story. Since then, there seems to have been no turning back for him. He has had to deal with the rapidly changing market scenario with jarring disruptions in the field of HR, but he has always managed to stay abreast of changes. It is no wonder he is where he is today.

However, as is said, with great success comes great responsibility, and not getting carried away by the high tide of accomplishment is what gets success going. While most of us, in times of distress, assure ourselves by saying “this too shall pass,” Elango believes in constantly reminding himself of this even in times of success, and that is what stops him from becoming complacent. Perseverance is needed not just when one is rising from rock bottom; it’s a word applicable even to the successful. That is what keeps success grounded.

One of the most important things Elango talked about was work-life balance. When a person becomes too focused on success, on winning, she, more often than not, tends to lose emotional and social balance in that jump from win to win. Maintaining a balance between personal and profession life is an integral part of sustaining success. Making the right decision and grasping opportunities is what has made Elango's a success story. He had the courage to resign from a $1.2 billion company and move to a $25 million small software company. In his personal journey, he says, willingness to take risks, ability to say 'No', standing up for what he believes in and hard work has contributed greatly to his story.

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