Blog: Rethinking interviewing techniques to hire the right talent


Rethinking interviewing techniques to hire the right talent

With COVID-19 pandemic giving a Philip to digital work-life, how recruiters modify their interviewing techniques to hire the right talent.
Rethinking interviewing techniques to hire the right talent

Before the world was enveloped by the global health crisis COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional working environments were accepted and embraced as a norm. Today, the inevitable impact of COVID-19 on businesses across the globe cannot be ignored. The pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in the way companies operate. It has affected all industries, but some more than others. The fallen global economy is inevitable in making a huge impact on how companies run and recruit. 

COVID-19 has forced us to evolve and adapt at a much faster rate and the hiring sector is not an exception. Companies’ hiring needs have evolved along with adaptations in the job market and the way recruitment has been redefined and restructured. However, this impact varied from industry to industry. In major industries, there has been a decline in hiring, whereas, some sectors hired more than ever before. 

Post Covid, hiring has been led by technology and automation majorly. The growing needs of the recruitment industry. Contactless interviews have fueled video conferences and zoom interactions to welcome people and complete the onboarding and induction processes. Now technology and equipment are issued differently, paperwork is filed virtually, and interviews are held online. More and more insurance companies are integrating virtual interview applications or using an applicant tracking system to continue their recruitment operations seamlessly.

For instance, video interviewing not only makes it possible to keep the hiring pipeline moving, but it also upgrades the candidate’s experience. This also assures job seekers that the organization they are going to be part of have put safety protocols in place and they are putting their employees first. And not to mention whether pre-recorded or live, virtual interviews are highly and equally interactive and the only thing that gets missed out on is a handshake. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc throughout every state, millions of Indian employees found themselves suddenly shifted to remote work positions. Such an unprecedented change in the work landscape has opened up the doors and a long-debated discussion about the feasibility of remote work but as quickly as employees are realizing, companies must adapt. Since insurance is an industry based on relationships, constantly helping clients/ customers to understand their needs and help them take the right decisions, a work-from-home environment can pose a challenge, however, organizations should seek opportunities to maintain internal relationships that can foster workforce retention and recruitment. It might include virtual meetups to encourage social engagement and connection.

COVID-19 will accelerate and further evolve ongoing trends in digitization, job reinvention and rewards optimization. This is a vital juncture that will differentiate high-performing companies of the future. As we are making an incremental return to normalcy and business begins to ramp up again, be sure to keep these hiring strategies in mind to keep your growing business on a healthy upward projection.


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