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It's time to brand your HR processes

The HR framework has to be holistic and have a real-time approach to measuring and driving employee commitment
It's time to brand your HR processes

It’s time for us as HR practitioners to Rethink – Rediscover – Recreate our HR processes from a benchmarking perspective. Challenges are to establish and accomplish new deliverables, innovations, automations and keeping strong relations with our internal and external customers. With this objective, the three cornerstones to rebuild the HR personality within an organization are as follows:


Are we aware of the significance of HR processes that we undertake among the employees? Do they appreciate our processes and are they able to understand that these are aligned with organization’s missions. Are we making an effort to market our processes and policies? If yes, herewith our HR framework has to be replaced by a much more holistic, integrated, and real-time approach to measuring and driving high levels of employee commitment and passion towards our processes.

To start with, we need to have HR Personality check and rethink on our key metrics:

In-House Marketing to measure HR personality with behavior within organization. From the list below, under which disposition do we fall?

  • Deer – Nimble footed, Sensitive, graceful
  • Vishnu – Handling heterogeneity, Boutique offerings
  • Brahma – Thought leadership, innovative
  • Mother – Humble, Patience, trustworthy, care
  • Phoenix – Breaking old school of thoughts
  • Architect – Futuristic, scalable
  • Detective – Governance
  • News reporter – Awareness
  • Goddess – Leveraging multiple processes
  • Hanuman – Mentor, trouble shooter
  • Amitabh Bachhan – Face Value
  • Christ – Savior, passionate


In today’s scenario with the increased volume of transactions, current processes are not able to keep pace, resulting in distractions for employees and risks for organizations. Hence, this is important to rediscover our mode of operating. To start with, we need to discover our internal employee’s needs and operating model:

Discover customer needs: This is to identify the pain areas in terms of HR deliverables and processes for enhancements. Simultaneously, need to check the performance of HR products that internal customers are using. We operate so many processes under employee life cycle: Onboarding, Payroll, Statutory, Bonus, trainings, separations etc… accordingly we need to ensure in order to correct this, we should discover our current “brand” to know where we stand.

Operating Model: Need to design a Measurement & Control framework to ensure that HR achieves its purpose & supports business excellence:

Measurements get attention Measurements help control Measurements help improve

It falls under three areas:

Hard measures – Quantifiable metrics & costs

Process measures – Subset of hard measures + TAT of end-to-end processes

Soft measures – Customer opinion surveys (using measurable scales), senior management interviews (qualitative data) and internal staff satisfaction measures


We have determined our identity; it’s time to work on our mission statement which should be aligned with our values and our principals. It will help defining our goals and milestones.

Create Mission Statement

THINK CUSTOMER: Employee Experience (Best in class/Standardization/ People & Culture)

THINK END TO END: Process Excellence (SLAs/TAT/Accuracy)

THINK LEAN: Good Governance (HR Strategy/Process Checkpoints/ Automations e-HR/Quality)


More the Merrier; this affects the perception of an employee about HR processes standards. Robust automations are easy to use and show the innovative culture and acceptance towards change management of HR department. Under digitization, we need to list down the processes which entails employee’s role and need to work around on them as in to make them paperless processes. Automating small processes like onboarding surveys, exit feedback/ checklist forms, advance salary forms etc. majorly impacts on the man hours.

TIME TO DELIVER: It’s time to deliver our promises now. The best way is to keep reviewing our processes and measure their performances which will help us to benchmark our department. We as HR practitioners must be willing to make rapid and tough decisions and keep exploring the new initiatives.

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