Blog: How balanced is the new-age talent acquisition

Talent Acquisition

How balanced is the new-age talent acquisition

In this digital era, the sea of knowledge and the internet of things have shaped the whole process of talent acquisition. Unlike a decade ago, recruitment is not about matching the right keywords and being interviewed by a panel of interviewers.
How balanced is the new-age talent acquisition

Interviews are no more a formal one-sided conversation, many companies have adopted to interactive sessions, where the candidate and the employer both can share their views to each other. Semi-formal interactive sessions, friendly conversations and coffee interview are in vogue for new age talent acquisition.

Talent acquisition has been a key role of the Human Resource services. Recruitment process and hiring strategies are the backbone of an organisation to attract the right talent.

In this digital era, the sea of knowledge and the internet of things have shaped the whole process of talent acquisition. Unlike a decade ago, recruitment is not about matching the right keywords and being interviewed by a panel of interviewers. 

The trend has changed, there is a balance both on the candidate and the employer when it comes to decision making. Technology has improvised the process and made the whole job-applying process easy by helping talents choose multiple roles and apply for multiple jobs with a single click.  

Diverse talent hiring

Expression of freedom and multi-cultural consciousness enhances the work environment Companies with diverse work-culture is proven to be highly functional and efficient. With the advantage of a diverse workforce, employees are open to new ideas, strategies and a fresh perspective towards their jobs. With diverse employees, there is a great cross-cultural awareness, easy solution finding and a curve for learning new scope of work. 

Companies don’t just look for active employees but also passive employees with rich knowledge and experience, aggressive and young, to bring a new take into their workforce. 

Leveraging new age technology 

The internet of things provide a very transparent approach to the hiring process for both the employer and the employee. 

Candidates now have various options to choose from and can apply to various job profiles and roles they fit into. The new age technology leverages the talent to check the potential employer’s ratings, company profile, company’s history and the team they would be joining into. 

Job seekers these days are completely aware of their requirements, 

Internet and social media presence

Online marketing and recruitment tools come handy for recruiters these days. For both the employer and the employee, scouting for the perfect match is made hassle free. 

Employers can now check the potential candidates online and also evaluate their social media presence. 

Candidates also evaluate the brand value by simply taking a glance at their social media profiles, similarly, the employer can check a candidate’s social media presence. Companies also post their job requirements on social media.

Scouting for the perfect candidate

Candidates these days are very aggressive in learning and acquiring new skills, companies also scout for diverse young talent with new ideas, who have an inclination towards leaning on to multiple roles rather than confining to one. The work culture now is more dynamic, candidates foresee and seek their personal growth within the company. The internet breaks down the process of recruitment to various levels. Job postings are now not only looked at specific sites, social media is one of the most powerful tool that enables get the right talent.

Start-ups and SME’s also look for campus recruitment widening the line from MNC’s and large corporates. Companies look for young and fresh perspective for their organisation to balance out with the rich experience and knowledge other candidates come with. Start-ups are magnanimous, help the candidate be multi-faceted and provide the space, freedom to learn to balance out the experience they hoard from large corporates. Candidates tend to choose SME’s for several reasons, a few obvious being; visibility to the senior management, a wide learning curve, flexible timings and quick recognition. 


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