Blog: Why #TechHR14 is a turning point for the HR Community in India?


Why #TechHR14 is a turning point for the HR Community in India?

How TechHR14 conference that happened in Gurgaon, this August, helped transform the HR arena in India
Why #TechHR14 is a turning point for the HR Community in India?

The TechHR Conference in Gurgaon, which was conducted on 22nd of August, 2014, was different in many ways as it incorporated many of the new-age concepts like social, gamification and crowdsourcing that progressive organizations are now adapting to their eco-system.

TechHR Conference is social – it had incorporated many of the new transformative technologies in its DNA. #TechHR14 hashtag had over 2,000 tweets and over 40 lakh impressions in just a month. That is the power of social. At the conference, over 600 delegates had downloaded the TechHR app and will continue to interact with each other, connecting with speakers, other delegates, technology partners. The power of social is palpable as it connects a closed community driven network with an external platform – and the best part is it is all available at your fingertips.

TechHR Conference is gamified. We had leaderboards during the event – everyone gained points for participating, sharing, commenting and connecting. We have also applied gamification’s principles in our app, where you get incentivized to participate and win prices for contributions. We also had a simulation exercise where the teams were competing to convince the C-Suite to buy-in a technology solution. Again a gamified approach to learning.

TechHR Conference is crowdsourced. Many sessions used the power of crowdsourcing for decision-making and collaboration. Everybody was a contributor in our Bistro sessions. Not only did the audience have a say on who won the Most Popular Award for the Spotlight Awards by voting in the app; they could also participate in the Big Debate ‘“Who needs who” – does HR need technology or Technology needs HR’ on which team performed better.

Finally, TechHR is mobile. As a matter of fact, it is beyond mobile and is multi-channel – you can access TechHR across devices and all information that you will need is at your fingertips. All action you would need to take are on your device – connect with people, send messages, ask questions, have your say, share knowledge, express your views …. All on your phone.

You are experiencing today many of the principles of the future workplace, the simplicity of leveraging technology to enable a multiplier effect.

TechHR forum for leaders in the Business of HR to learn, explore and get exposure on what is happening at the intersection of people, technology and business success. Year after year, TechHR will bring you to the forefront of organization transformation – this is our commitment to the community.

Taking William Gibson’s quote “The future has arrived — it’s just not evenly distributed yet” at TechHR, our vision is to distribute the future in HR evenly.

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