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Prioritizing professional development through digital learning

A robust training and development system is crucial for any organization and HR professionals should have access to high-quality learning programmes that help in retaining and upskilling staff.
Prioritizing professional development through digital learning

Despite Unlock 4.0 in progress and businesses slowly limping back towards normal, remote working continues to be the norm these days. While organizations have quickly adapted to this to ensure business continuity, remote working comes with its own challenges, from internal communication to productivity mapping. The other, rather unspoken albeit, challenge that this situation presents is that we don’t know to what extent the world will change in a Post COVID-19 era.  The workplace, as we know it, has undergone a transformation but one thing is for sure – the future is digital; and as HR professionals it is vital for us to assess the learning and development needs within our organizations to help team members navigate through these changes successfully. 

The world is changing at an extremely rapid pace with influences like technology and socio-economic factors learning the way. It has become paramount to stay relevant in today’s times not just to compete but even to survive. According to the World Economic Forum, over half of all workers in India will require upskilling and reskilling to meet the talent demands of the future. It is imperative for organizations to play an active role in their employees’ professional journey in the form of upskilling. 

A robust training and development system is crucial for any organization and HR professionals should have access to high-quality learning programmes that help in retaining and upskilling staff. As a part of their transformation agenda, companies all over the world are in the process of augmenting traditional HR practices with technology, paving the way for transformation. The current remote working model is, in fact, an excellent opportunity to invest in upskilling. As employees have more time on their hands, HR heads can channelize this energy by guiding them through apt e-learning programmes. 

Organizations are also looking at this time to urge their employees to invest in upskilling, right from courses on personality development to webinars with experts on future-ready technology, the work from home era is proving to be a learning experience on many counts. Another factor to consider is that today, the millennials/Gen Z compromises a larger base of the workforce and these individuals are highly digitally connected. Therefore, e-learning courses provide the best advantage to train and shape these millennials for future leadership and instill a sense of accountability at the same time.  At K Raheja Corp we have introduced a series of e-learning modules that encompass a wide variety of subjects. Our team members are encouraged to enroll and successfully complete these.  

Social distancing and isolation along with work from home commitments does impact one’s mental health, it is essential to keep the spirits high through text and voice communications. To make these communications more engaging, we have also introduced guitar learning sessions where employees can learn composition of tones through virtual sessions and we come together to discuss the lessons in groups. These efforts help in identifying and addressing if there is additional support required. The present situation acts as a stimulus to invite more virtual conversations that favor sharing of ideas and talents, for developing a more creative workplace. It’s time to be in-sync and be connected now more than ever, the voices unity and also helps to unfold many layers of the company’s workforce.

It is possible that the Post COVID-19 world may feature e-learning as a regular component in the HR toolkit. At the same time, it is also likely that remote working or e-meetings could become the norm in the future. What we can be certain of is that technology is here to stay, not as a disruption, but as a way of life and the sooner we all embrace it the more enhanced our lives will be.


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