Blog: Beat the Monday morning blues


Beat the Monday morning blues

We can’t deny but Monday morning blues affect employees in more ways than one. Know how you can deal with it.
Beat the Monday morning blues

Whether you love your job or you don’t, Monday morning blues is real. And it is not just the lazy ones who complain about it, the most productive employees also get bogged down by Monday blues. It is generally seen as contagious; if one person in the team is low on morale on a Monday morning, it is quickly transmitted to other team members. And before you know it, it has affected everyone. Often, high-decibel work environment can drain employees of their working interest. 

It is a set of negative emotions which can’t be driven away by sipping on a cup of tea or coffee. There is no concrete research to show why Monday blues affect employees all over the world, but there are ways to beat the blues.  Each employee will have a different motivation to tackle their own blues.

Here are some tips to fight Monday morning blues. These however, are not all encompassing but surely will lessen the depressed state of mind.

Plan ahead for Monday

This is one very simple trick that will help you fight the dreaded morning blues. Procrastination is high on Mondays as employees tend to keep work for later. Doing less stressful work in the morning, small work gets done faster and will give you a sense of job getting done. Once a momentum is reached, then suffering from depressed state is not going to be an issue. Keeping a ‘to-do’ list ready is another option of planning ahead. There is nothing like wasting the morning hours of a Monday planning what should get done. It is highly demotivating and unproductive because it kills work hours. And more time employees spend on planning, more they feel depressed as work gets piled up.

Free your mind from the lazy weekend syndrome

Weekends are generally lazy, so on Monday our mind wakes up with the same weekend-feeling. And within a few seconds, our mind into the rush-mode, and in the process might not complete important work in the morning which leads to foul mood. Skipping breakfast is the easiest option. But that doesn’t help at work. It is not possible to complete a task in an empty stomach. Getting up a bit early might help in structuring the day much better and can help in doing away with the blues.

Beat the blues with good lunch

Pack some good food for lunch or make sure have team lunch. Good food is always a huge stress buster. Team engagements like this on a Monday will bring in positivity, and will help employees to drive away the morning blues by the time lunch is over. Post-lunch, employees will get the momentum back and by the end of the day work will get done faster. 

Have some post-work plan

Planning something interesting, dance programmes, attending music sessions, going out for movies, and timeout with colleagues – are ways to beat the blues. These pre-planned events will help employees something to look forward to on Mondays. 

It is possible to have a cheerful Monday with a positive mind-set and the zeal to work. A challenging workplace with enthusiastic and motivating team members will help blues go away in a jiffy. You have other ways to deal with Monday morning blues? Do share those with us. We need them too!

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