Blog: Because it's time for appraisal


Because it's time for appraisal

Employees are often unhappy with their appraisals. Here’s a video which tells you the reason why you didn’t get the promotion!
Because it's time for appraisal

The last quarter is here, and it's time for companies to start their appraisal processes. At the end of each appraisal period, there is a bunch of disappointed employees who cannot fathom why they were not marked 'excellent' by the companies, even if they did outstanding work. They are often given unsatisfactory explanations which range from not knowing 'domain knowledge to giving excuses for everyday work'. Every year the HR tries to patiently answer all the grieving employees' questions, and the process is tedious and disheartening for both. This video by xtranormal is a parody – a discussion where a manager is trying to know what went wrong in his appraisal process – how his domain knowledge could erode, and trying to understand the process by which they are judged every year. Enjoy!

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