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In this dynamically changing world, customer expectations are becoming more precise and boards are demanding higher productivity, thus driving complexity in the organization structure, talent and technology requirements. At the same time, newer technologies like Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning are bringing about paradigm shifts in the way HR is approaching talent challenges. They are enabling HR in getting closer to the candidates, mining data to find meaningful insights and drive innovative people management practices. Across the employee lifecycle, a variety of break-through tools are enabling productivity and enhanced employee experience. No wonder, many organizations are at the crossroads to redefine their structures and processes and take advantages of technology that will enable empowerment, faster decision making across levels and agility to continuously adapt. This campaign brought to you by People Matters and PeopleStrong will not only look at the cutting edge technology based insights that are now available to the HR function, it will also highlight success stories of leading companies who have implemented them.


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Transforming HR with tech: A round-up

Transforming HR with tech: A round-up

Here’s a detailed guide to help you identify what a superior HR technology experience should deliver – today and tomorrow.

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