Event: To Hustle Or Not To Hustle: Beating Burnout In Fast-Growing Organisations

  • When: Thursday, 3rd November, 3-4PM IST
  • Location: Online
  • Who should attend: HR Professionals, Managers, CHROs, Senior HR Leaders

Startup ecosystem and young organisations have always been known for their hustle culture, the rising attrition rates and the hire-fire model of work. But given the shifting priorities of talent, the emphasis on well-being, and work-life balance, people promoting this said ‘hustle culture’ have received a lot of backlash. How are young companies changing the way they work and sensitising the leaders to move away from the mindset of ‘grinding away at all hours’? What are some ways to prevent employees from overworking themselves and burning out? In this virtual session, let’s explore how fast-growing companies can achieve their goals at speed and scale without compromising employees’ work-life balance.

We will discuss:

1. Are startups and emerging companies facing ‘productivity paranoia’?

2. Why is it critical to address employee burnout and how can you identify it?

3. What are some big changes you need to make in your culture and leadership style to beat burnout?

4. How can you align organisational growth and employee development to positively influence the work-life quality of your employees?

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Gautam Saraf

Gautam Saraf

CHRO, Ferns N Petals
Lakshmi Anilaja

Lakshmi Anilaja

Assistant Manager, Customer Success, Keka

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