Event: Future of work in AI-led world: Adapting HR strategies for tomorrow's workforce

  • When: Tuesday, April 30th 2024, 3:00 - 4:00 PM IST
  • Who should attend: CHROs, HR Leaders, CXOs, HR heads, Senior HR professionals and Managers

As the integration of AI continues to shape industries and workplaces, with experts suggesting generative AI could contribute between $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually, HR leaders are confronted with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

The rapid pace of technological advancement, coupled with evolving employee expectations, necessitates a strategic reassessment of HR practices to ensure organisations remain competitive and adaptive. For example, Aon's latest research highlights how the challenge of attracting and retaining talent has risen to become the fourth most significant global risk for organisations.

In this webcast, presented by People Matters in collaboration with AON, we will do a deep dive into navigating the future of work in an AI-led world by addressing critical questions and exploring innovative solutions tailored for HR leaders.

Some of the key discussion points include:

  • Preparing for a post-AI world amid volatility and uncertainty including an analysis of how businesses are adapting to the transformative impacts of AI
  • Understanding the changing preferences of the modern employee and how trends such as moonlighting and quiet quitting are transforming employee expectations
  • Assessing existing talent models and their adequacy in addressing the dual challenge of technological advancement and changing workforce dynamics
  • Empowering managers with the skills and tools necessary to lead in an AI-driven environment
  • Strategies for mitigating volatility and uncertainty in the face of technological disruption

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Anu Mathew

Anu Mathew

CPO, Perfios


CHRO & CLO, Larsen & Toubro
Pradipta Banerjee

Pradipta Banerjee

CPO, Emids
Amit Otwani

Amit Otwani

Associate Partner, Talent Solutions, AON

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