Event: Creating Sustainable Business through Innovative Marketing

  • When: 6th and 7th December 2013
  • Location: IMS Noida Campus
  • Price: International Delegates (Academic & Corporate)- US$ 400. Indian Delegates from Industry- Rs. 5000. Indian Academic Delegates- R
  • Who should attend: The conclave is a must attend for the marketing & business development heads, brand & sales managers, marketing consultants/ advertising agencies, HR executives/ managers, academicians, researchers and students
The conference focuses on the need of the companies to understand how to sustain competitive advantage by co-creating experiences of values with customers and to develop sustainable businesses that are compatible with the current economic reality. In view of the fast

changing marketplace, continuous introductions of new technologies and competitors inexorable growth, the future which used to be "more of the same", today, it's more likely "something different every day."

Marketers in many industries know that innovation through new product development is vital to remain competitive. But product decisions are not the only areas affected by new developments. Innovation can affect almost all marketing areas and setting an eye on these areas helps to retain existing customers and also to attract new customers.


Session 1: The challenges of sustainability in new enviornment
In this session the discussion will be on the paradigm shift due to movement of people, the changing fluidity due to globalization, breaking of communication barriers, competitiveness in boundary less environment, micro-finance.
Session 2: New generation sustainability
Instead of using the term Gen Y and Gen Z, these have been grouped as New Generation. Relationships stand truncated today and new models are emerging. Building sustainable relationships with New Generation customers requires innovative marketing.
Session 3: Ethics – Business and Sustainability
If business has to sustain the new generation has a very keen eye to ethics. This has hence started gaining significance and is an essential branding consideration. This can lead to 'customer for life strategies'.
Session 4: Marketing in a socially networked world
This session will focus on leveraging the power of relationships through innovative approaches in 'Marketing Communication' in an inter-linked world - Facebook, e-marketing, internet marketing, cloud marketing, emotional marketing. These and many others are meant to deliver low cost solutions etc.
Session 5: Building Innovative Supply Chain & Distribution networks
Cost cutting innovations in SCM & distribution for efficient customer response is the key to sustenance.
Session 6: Product innovation, market innovation, and business model innovation
This session will deal with Paradigm shifts arising out of “Jugad” ( frugal and flexible approach to innovation). It will also deal with 'Blue Ocean strategy', The business model of a 'hollow company' will be discussed, innovative product and service design through effective CRM


IMS Noida Campus

IMS Campus, A-8B, Sector 62, Noida. Landmark - Near Noida Expo centre

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