Event: People Matters Workforce Productivity Pre-Conference Linkedin Live

  • When: 4th Feb,2022
  • Location: Online
  • Who should attend: CHRO, Head HR, VP HR, Director HR, AVP HR, GM HR

The future of work has already arrived. Driving a gradual recovery from the  pandemic, the continuing climate crisis, and the increased pace of change: What kind of organizations can tackle these plethora of challenges? 

Those that were quick to deploy and leverage technology stayed afloat. 

While the pandemic accelerated the investment and urgency of deployment of technology to drive digitization and automation, it also affirmed the intuitive need to connect and spotlight the human element at the center of transformation. 

The solution doesn't end at technology. It is only one aspect of productivity. Investment in Skills, intelligent Workforce Management as well as Performance Enablement systems, building a culture of Empathy, Collaboration and Trust, and embedding Wellness and Employee Experience have come to acquire greater salience in the new business paradigm brought about by a hugely disruptive pandemic. 

Augmented Organizations are emerging as the ones best suited to tackle the challenges of the new normal of work. But what does an augmented organization mean? Who leads this transformation? And what does it take to create an augmented organization? 

Ahead of the People Matters Workforce Productivity Conference, we invite leaders and experts from diverse sectors to explore the possibilities of an augmented organization and discuss its role in driving performance and productivity. 


1.  Defining Augmented Organization: What does it mean and what are its key pillars?

2. Owning the transformation to Augmented Organization: Who are the key stakeholders of building an augmented organization?

3. Investing in product & process innovation: The pandemic has prompted a shift in consumption, driving a revamp of business models and fuelling the need for creating new products and services. How are businesses leading product innovation and transforming work processes? 

4. Investing In Human Capital: What skills, behavioral changes, and adaptations do companies, and by extension employees, need to stay relevant, productive, and profitable in a world of work that is constantly changing and is more integrated than ever before?

5. Leveraging technology as an enabler across the value chain: How can organizations leverage technology to create better experience, enhance innovation, collaboration and improve human connection?


Ester Martinez

Ester Martinez

CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters
Rajkamal Vempati

Rajkamal Vempati

Head Human Resources, Axis Bank
Santosh Abbimane

Santosh Abbimane

Chief Financial & Transformation Officer, DTDC Express Limited




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