Event: Quantify your organisations’ technology skills – Skill IQ & Role IQ

  • When: Wednesday, 13th March, 2019 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Who should attend: HR Heads, Senior HR Managers, L&D Heads, Technology Heads

Innovation and the ever-increasing pace of change poses a variety of challenges to technology leaders and the teams they manage. Some are eager to identify the relevant emerging tools and platforms they need to stay ahead of competitors, while others seek more effective solutions for up-skilling and investing in employees to stay ahead.

If software runs the world, data is now a business commodity and every business is a digital business, then shouldn’t technical skills also form an item on the balance sheet of the next-generation enterprise?

This webinar will take an industry view on the various ways of quantifying the technology skills for organisations and how L&D practitioners in the industry using various platforms to quantify technology skills within their organisations .

Here’s what we will cover:

  1. Skills – a new measure of business worth
  2. Don’t ‘manually benchmark’ your people
  3. Custom roles & Skills
  4. Measure the Outcomes

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Krishnan Unni

Krishnan Unni

Director, Customer Success, Pluralsight
Ramakrishnan Krishnan

Ramakrishnan Krishnan

Senior Director, Cognizant Academy

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