Event: The Artful Manager : Handling difficult conversations

  • When: Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 3 PM - 4 PM
  • Who should attend: HR Heads, Senior HR Leaders and Managers

Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of management. Be it conversations regarding appraisals or an upward feedback. How should you prepare for this kind of discussion? How do you find the right words in the moment? And, how can you manage the exchange so that it goes as smoothly as possible?

The key is to learn how to handle them in a way that produces “a better outcome: less pain for you and less pain for the person you’re talking to".

In this webcast by People Matters and Enparadigm, our experts will delve into how behavioral training can shape the art of handling difficult conversations at work and enhance the managerial impact.

The webcast will focus on:

  1. The changing demographics at work and art of conversations
  2. The difficult conversations- Challenges faced by managers
  3. The role of behavioral training in enhancing the managers and employees’ conversations
  4. How experiential learning can help in enhancing workplace conversations


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John Cherian

John Cherian

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Enparadigm

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