News: 86% of Indian employees sense strong belongingness in workspace: iSS Global Report


86% of Indian employees sense strong belongingness in workspace: iSS Global Report

Global Survey Report 2023 published by iSS sheds light on factors affecting employee retention, turnover, as well as workplace culture in India.
86% of Indian employees sense strong belongingness in workspace: iSS Global Report

A Global Survey Report 2023, led by iSS, reveals that India takes the lead in employee satisfaction and retention, with a remarkable 86% of employees experiencing a 'strong sense of belongingness' in their current workspace. In contrast, only 60% of employees in Singapore felt similarly in their respective workplaces. The survey report also highlights areas of improvement concerning workplace culture.

The survey aimed to gain insights into the Indian workforce and workspace regarding a sense of belongingness and engagement. It revealed that 91% of Indian employees remain with their current employers due to learning and upskilling opportunities for career progression, while 41% stick around because of their work friends, who make the workplace "survivable."

Factors contributing to Employee Retention:

The report emphasises several factors that contribute to the sense of belongingness among Indian employees, such as:

  • Shared values within the organisation
  • Encouraging a positive work culture
  • Feeling wanted and valued
  • Fostering a sense of belonging
  • Prioritising employee engagement activities
  • Appreciation and recognition

The survey findings indicate that 30% of Indian workers agreed that shared values play a significant role in developing a sense of belonging, while only 16% of employees in Denmark and 17% in Germany reported a similar sentiment toward their respective organisations.

Notably, the survey also highlights the challenges faced by Indian employees in the workplace, with only 21% reporting a "feeling wanted" sentiment. In contrast, 39% of employees in Denmark express a sense of being wanted in their workplaces. These findings highlight the need for Indian employers to encourage team engagement and create inclusive workspaces that genuinely appreciate and value their employees.

Furthermore, the report reveals that Indian workers frequently experience negative emotions in their workplaces. A staggering 31% reported deteriorating mental health, including anxiety or depression, while 28% attempted to switch jobs due to workplace negativity and team politics. These insights serve as a wake-up call for Indian employers to prioritise employee well-being initiatives and foster a supportive work environment.

Sharing views on survey results, Aksh Rohatgi, CEO and Country Manager of iSS India stated, "These survey findings provide valuable insights into the state of the Indian workforce. While it is encouraging to see a strong sense of belonging among employees, it is crucial for employers to prioritise initiatives that improve employee engagement and well-being. By prioritising inclusivity, recognising the value of each employee, and fostering a safe and supportive work environment, we can unlock the untapped potential that comes from a truly engaged workforce. 

Improving the sense of belonging at workplaces requires a concerted effort from employers. By prioritising open communication, embracing diversity, supporting people development, and cultivating a positive work environment, employers can create workplaces where every individual feels valued, included, and a true sense of belonging.

The survey serves as a call to action for employers to create an inclusive and supportive environment where employees feel wanted, valued, and able to express their opinions freely. By prioritising these aspects, organisations can enhance employee well-being, drive productivity, and foster a stronger sense of belonging in the workplace.”

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