News: IIT Kanpur and TalentSprint to develop cybersecurity experts


IIT Kanpur and TalentSprint to develop cybersecurity experts

As the demand for cybersecurity professionals increases in the next decade, IIT Kanpur and TalentSprint are getting into a partnership in order to offer an experiential learning experience for aspiring professionals.
IIT Kanpur and TalentSprint to develop cybersecurity experts

India’s cybersecurity market is expected to grow to $35 Bn by 2025 and thus the demand for cybersecurity experts is going to rise in the next five years. Having anticipated this demand, IIT Kanpur and TalentSprint are entering a partnership in order to introduce new certification programs for aspiring professionals who are looking to exploit the latest trends in cybersecurity technologies. 

IIT has most recently taken the lead on conducting research into the cybersecurity field by setting up the Interdisciplinary Centre for Cyber Security and Cyber Defence of Critical Infrastructures (C3i). The aim is to educate, train, and motivate the upcoming professionals to set up startups and create technological mechanisms to protect national infrastructure. 

“Rapid convergence of mobility, IoT, and cloud computing is leading to an explosive increase and the need for cyber defense experts to combat these threats is becoming all the more important,” said Dr. Manindra Agrawal, Program Director and Professor of Computer Science, IIT Kanpur. 

About 59 percent of the companies have vacant positions which suggests a cumulative global shortfall of about 1.5 million such professionals, according to Dr. Santanu Paul, Co-Founder and CEO, TalentSprint. 

“The demand for such professionals is outstripping supply. Companies need sophisticated responders to defend against the growing threat of cyberattacks,” said Paul. 

The six-month Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security and Cyber Defense is designed in an executive-friendly format so that the professionals get an immersive learning experience in addition to online interactive sessions. 

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