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SAP's AI reskilling push

SAP to spend €100-150 million to equip its employees with the latest AI skills needed to thrive in the evolving business landscape.
SAP's AI reskilling push

SAP, India & Emerging Markets, is making a significant investment in its workforce by dedicating €100-150 million to employee reskilling in 2024. This programme aims to equip employees across all departments with the skills needed to thrive in the age of Business AI.

The business world is rapidly changing due to AI. To address this evolving landscape, SAP will intensify its reskilling efforts. The goal is to ensure employees adopt the necessary skills for future growth, as highlighted by Shraddha Naik, Head Human Resources Business Partner, India, SEA, and Emerging Markets.

"We will invest €100-150 million, covering all learning across all Board areas and teams in 2024," said Naik. "The rise of Business AI has an impact on the skills we need going forward. We will intensify our reskilling efforts so that as many employees as possible adopt the skills needed for future growth."

Shraddha Naik elaborated on the company's strategy for keeping employees up-to-date with Generative AI. A cornerstone of the programme is establishing reliable sources of truth for AI learning materials. These comprehensive resources are readily accessible and referenced in all company communication, including emails.

Over 25,000 employees have already engaged with them. Naik stressed the importance of these trusted materials for ensuring effective learning throughout the reskilling initiative.

The company plans to create momentum with significant events like Global AI Learning Days. Establishing a single source of truth for learning materials is crucial. SAP also aims to empower employees to champion the company's AI strategy.

"We believe in building momentum through large-scale events, providing reliable learning materials, and fostering a culture where employees champion our AI strategy," said Naik.

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