News: Uber launches ‘Uber for Business’ to make business travel easier


Uber launches ‘Uber for Business’ to make business travel easier

To efficiently manage business travel and to enhance employee experience Uber launches 'Uber for Business'
Uber launches ‘Uber for Business’ to make business travel easier

 With the aim to give organizations a more efficient way to manage their business travel and improve employees’ experience, Uber, the ridesharing app launched ‘Uber for Business’ in India. It will enable new use cases like late-night rides, daily commute, home from work, between-office transportation and much more. It will help organizations leverage the service beyond traditional business travel

Arjun Nohwar, APAC Head - Uber for Business, says, “At Uber for Business we are continuously striving to make Uber a one-stop solution for all ground transportation needs of businesses. With the launch of our revamped Uber for Business platform, our technology makes it possible to create specialized solutions that help businesses have access to reliable transportation options for all their needs. Companies can now configure and use our platform to manage transportation requirements for all, while reducing costs, increasing operational efficiency and improving compliance.” 

This was introduced as Uber realized that organizations needed much more than features like monthly billing and reporting. The updated features of the app include: 

Set-and-forget travel program feature: This will allow managers to set up automated programs for commuting, airport rides, business travel, and any other mobility need. The company may choose how much to fund per trip, and if employees need a longer trip, then everything over spend will be charged from their payment method of choice.

New permissions: Companies can set rules for employees, customers, and clients around the type of car that they can use how much they can spend, and the location from which a trip needs to begin or end. 

 Different access for different groups:  Corporates can provide customized levels of Uber access depending on each person’s needs. By segmenting the organization by team, level, or location, they can set new transportation policies with the help of ‘Uber for Business’

Fresh user interface:  In order to provide more seamless experience, Uber for Business dashboard has been upgraded and re-designed. It is streamlined and access to Uber central is easily controlled, aiding employees who interact with customers, guests, or recruits to call a ride for them on demand.

What does this mean for businesses? 

For businesses it means cost savings, ‘Uber for Business’ can assist to ensure that employees travel within the company policy. It will save lot of time of admins and managers, who can now build set-and-forget travel programs for the whole company. Also, it will eliminate the stress of driving and parking and give people more time to catch up on emails or enjoy their morning coffee. 

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