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Employee Engagement

The New Rules of Employee Engagement

Last two decades have seen major changes in how organisations work on the daily basis. It's time to reinvent those strategies

It's time that companies re-look at their employee engagement strategies to garner positive business results. Last couple of decades have seen a lot of changes in how organisations work in a day-to-day basis. Employees are showing their intensity differently towards performance and commitment at the workplace. Access to fast informations, social media consumption, virtual connections, millenials becoming the large percentage of workforce today -- are changing the way organisations deal with employee engagements. In this context, researchers at BI WORLDWIDE have redefined the rules to help you engage with your employees based on the research outcomes of a cutting-edge global survey across 7 countries covering 7000 employees.

The research outlines that Indian employers are only engaging 40% of employees to their full potential, which is a matter of concern for all the HR leaders.

Siddharth Reddy, MD & CEO of BI WORLDWIDE India explains '12 New Rules of Engagement - The new definition' which can act as a guide to help you re-align your employee engagement strategy.

During “12 New Rules of Engagement: Redefining the Employee Engagement Strategy” Webinar session, Mr Reddy talks about the following. 

1. BASELINE! Employee Engagement - The New Definition

2. How to Guide -- Learn more to implement the New Rules of Engagement to re-align your overall employee engagement strategy

3. Revolutionary Insights -- Global trends from revolutionary employee survey.

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