Video: Avid Placement becomes the Search and Staffing Talent Engagement Award Finalist

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Avid Placement becomes the Search and Staffing Talent Engagement Award Finalist

Know more about how Avid Placement was able to reach talent across domains, industries and geographies with LinkedIn Talent Solutions.


Avid Placement has leveraged the power of LinkedIn Talent Solutions to establish a global presence and build trust between job seekers and recruiters. In a market where finding niche profiles across different geographic regions and across varied industries is a big challenge, LinkedIn Talent Solutions has been a valuable tool. It has helped Avid source the best and most skilled profiles for clients, as shared by Jay Sitapara, Founder of Avid Placement, in this conversation. 

As a finalist of the “Search and Staffing Talent Engagement” category for “less than 50 employees”, this video sheds light on how LinkedIn Talent Solutions helped Avid:

  • Access a vast network of potential candidates and drive more submissions of qualified candidates
  • Reach both active and passive job seekers to meet the recruitment needs
  • Create a global reach and expand in geographies such as USA, Canada and UK
  • Drive cost and time savings by effectively sourcing top talent across multiple locations
  • Speed up the response time and recruitment process thanks to features like ‘Open-to-Work’
  • Enable transparent and efficient communication and build strong relationships between job seekers and recruiters; acting as a valuable bridge between job seekers and recruiters

LinkedIn Talent Awards is a data-driven recognition awarded by LinkedIn to companies based on their utilisation of LinkedIn Talent Solutions and activities on the LinkedIn platform. The 2022 edition recognises the companies leading the future of work by demonstrating remarkable adaptability, innovation and creativity throughout one of the most challenging years for talent.

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