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Employee Engagement

Celebrating life at work

How public recognition and appreciation can transform an organization

People Matters partnered with OC Tanner to host a webinar on Celebrating Life at Work. The webinar discussed how organizations can engage their employees better and as a result, retain them. Kevin Ames, Director, OC Tanner Institute gave insights on how the concept of public recognition and appreciation can transform an organization.

 “Appreciation of someone is different from recognizing them” says Kevin. To define it in simple terms, recognition is a vehicle that is used to convey appreciation for something. A work culture where people are valued and their efforts are rewarded is more likely to see better engagement and increased loyalty and contribution at work. This webinar highlights that the critical aspect is to appreciate effectively to ensure that employees are engaged in the organization. There are certain ways of appreciating employees like recognition of work and efforts made by them to achieve the organizational goals. It is important to reward employees on achieving targets that align with the values of the organization and celebrate career milestones. 

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