Video: Laurie Ruettimann discusses work, life, HR, and social media

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Laurie Ruettimann discusses work, life, HR, and social media

Laurie Ruettimann shares her journey and experiences about work, life, HR and social media
Laurie Ruettimann busts some myths and stereotypes related to the HR professionals, and how data and technology can facilitate HR to discharge its role better. She believes that HR is a calling, much like other professions, and discusses her experiences and decisions. Laurie discusses cynicism and optimism, specifically in the HR as well, and talks about how social media can connect employees, and help us be culturally sensitive. Laurie brings up several issues that she discusses in her blog, The Cynical Girl. She says that social media can actually help us portray our human abilities and skills, and help us not be reduced to just a page of CV or ‘brand’. She talks about the importance of implementing LMS beyond compliance, and also brings up the otherwise hushed-up topic of loneliness and how it ties in with happiness. Laurie gives personal examples to establish otherwise complex notions and concepts, and gives insightful lessons to become a better person, employee and huma...
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