Video: Explore the journey of fast-growing companies


Explore the journey of fast-growing companies

Industry leaders Varun Alagh, Sukhleen Aneja and Ajay Trehan discussed their journey at People Matters TechHR India.



In their panel discussion at People Matters TechHR India Day 2 conference, Varun Alagh, Co-founder and CEO of Mamaearth, Sukhleen Aneja, CEO, Beauty & FMCG Brands, Good Glamm Group, and Ajay Trehan, Founder and CEO at AuthBridge shared some interesting insights from their journey as the entreprenuers of the fast-growing company.

The trio shared their experiences about their own leadership journey which includes:

  • The urge to create toxic-free atmosphere in their own workplace which they couldn't find in their youth, inspiring them to start their entreprenuerial journey.
  • Struggling with the question which every leader should ask themselves- is the organisation designed to achieve what we need to achieve from an experience perspective? 
  • Understanding the value of maturity, resilience and self-belief while leading a young company 

The leaders also discussed the importance of emotions in the leader's journey which they described as the  "dynamics of emotions as vast as the Indian Ocean. " A leader's need to understand that professionals will make mistake due to heavy bandwidth. It is quintessential for the company’s success as the team will feel more close to the passion the company is portraying.

The leadership triage was in unison when it came to a leader’s emotional journey and concluded that finding solutions in case of failure is a habit developed when leaders understand the insights they receive from the process they have undertaken. 

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