Video: Tips to build yourself as a leader for today & tomorrow


Tips to build yourself as a leader for today & tomorrow

Listen to world renowned leadership coach, Marshall Goldsmith talk about how to build yourself as a leader.

Are you an achiever or a leader? This is the question put forward to everyone by Dr Marshall Goldsmith when we ask him about scaling-up organizations, and challenges that come while doing so. As an achiever, in the nascent stage of your business set-up, you are thinking about yourself, and not about others. But when your organizations grow, you need to develop talent who are required to make decisions, and you start thinking about others. And that’s when you become a leader. 

Leadership development is a life-long learning. Learn from the Global Leadership Coach, Dr Marshall Goldsmith himself, about how can you develop yourself as a leader for today & tomorrow. An exclusive interaction about leadership, building leaders and inspiring teams.

Read the full interview of Dr Marshall Goldsmith in our March issue magazine.

People Matters is also going to be live with Marshall Goldsmith on Facebook live next week. So stay tuned.

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Topics: Leadership, #SMETalent

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