Video: Webcast – Digital Disruption: How will the roles of HiPos evolve?

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Webcast – Digital Disruption: How will the roles of HiPos evolve?


As technology is disrupting business models, it is also impacting the talent and particularly the HiPos, thus creating new demands for them.

As digitization drives more automation and computing, 75% of leaders believe automation will soon require new skills. This clearly suggests that technology will change the view of the current roles significantly. And while talent leaders brace the current workforce for this change, a critical challenge to manage is that what this digital disruption would mean to the roles of HiPos. This webcast will focus on the following discussion pointers:

  1. How is the digital disruption impacting the definition of HiPos? How are the expectations of business changing from HiPos?

  2. What does this mean to their current roles and how are they set to be revamped?

  3. What competencies do HiPos need to develop to stay ahead of the curve and enhance their business relevance for the newer roles?

You can also read the insights from the Webcast here.

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