Video: Hewlett Packard Enterprise on career paths and innovation

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise on career paths and innovation

In conversation with Saket Swadesh of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Minaxi Indra of upGrad for Business, we unlock key takeaways on designing impactful learning programs that meet the twin needs of talent retention and upskilling to unlock innovation.


Talent retention remains a critical challenge for organisations, but when coupled with the reduced tenure of skill sets, the answer is to invest in the continual career progression of your employees. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is at a critical juncture of transformation as they become a service-based company, where talent retention is even more important. Given upGrad for Business’ expertise in the EdTech domain and its impactful partnerships with top-notch universities, it was the partner of choice for HPE as it launched its Early Career High Potential Program. This program strategically met employees' aspirations by accelerating their careers with certifications from top-tier universities. 

Moreover, it created a win-win situation for HPE because they could also capitalise on their skill sets, increase talent retention and open up new opportunities for growth and innovation. Workforce transformation is critical to reducing skills obsolescence, and we deep-dive into this in our exclusive, one-of-a-kind multimedia flipbook in partnership with upGrad for Business, titled Amplifying Growth, Achieving Impact: Customer Success Stories

This interview is only one of the 11 stories we bring you of how leading companies across India are increasing talent mobility and talent retention by investing in agile and accelerated career growth paths. In an insightful conversation with Saket Swadesh, Tower Head for Training & Capability, Quality, and Business Analytics at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Minaxi Indra, President, upGrad for Business, we get exclusive takeaways on how learning interventions sustain excellence during a period of massive transformation. This video will explore: 

  • How investing in early careers led to increased talent retention at HPE
  • Critical action areas when upskilling new joinees, high-performers, first-time managers and leaders
  • The role of uGB in building strategic and impactful leadership competencies over a 3600 hour learning journey, spread across 8-10 months
  • How HPE achieved a 40% YOY Talent Mobility, with employees progressing their careers every 3 years
  • How investing in talent mobility opens up avenues for innovation and business excellence

And more! What’s certain is that the market has enough growth opportunities. The question is whether you have the skill sets to achieve this. Watch this space for more insightful conversations around leading impactful learning interventions that empower your workforce to win in the market. 

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