Video: Leveraging digital and AI tools for impact: Genpact

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Leveraging digital and AI tools for impact: Genpact

As the winners of People Matters and MediBuddy's wellness recognition initiative, Genpact (Banking & Capital Markets Vertical) shares its story of leveraging digital tools and facilitating adoption of their wellness programs.

What made Genpact’s Banking & Capital Markets Vertical a  winner of the People Matters and MediBuddy Best Wellness Programs 2022? 

We speak to Rina Jha, the Global People Function Leader, Banking and Capital Markets and Tech, at Genpact to understand more about the company's multi-faceted and technology-driven approach to addressing employee wellness. 

In this insightful interview you will find:

  • The role of holistic interventions.
  • The strategic use of digital tools for better impact. 
  • Ways to cultural shifts to make wellness a central agenda.
  • Ways to overcome adoption challenges.

Keep an eye out for more interviews with top HR leaders as we explore the determinants for a successful wellness strategy. 

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