Video: Make wellness a part of your culture: Rockwell Automation Pvt. Ltd

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Make wellness a part of your culture: Rockwell Automation Pvt. Ltd

As the winners of People Matters and MediBuddy's wellness recognition initiative, Rockwell Automation Pvt. Ltd shares its story of creating a culture of wellness

To know more about Rockwell’s approach to making wellness a key part of their organizational priority that helped the company be a winner of the People Matters and MediBuddy Best Wellness Programs 2022, we speak to Abhishek Misra, HR Head, India and Chen Yan Wong, Manager, Regional Benefits – Asia Pacific, to learn more about their successful interventions. 

In this insightful interview, you will find:

  • Ways to leverage health and wellness technologies for success
  • The role of engaging senior leaders to further employee well-being
  • Major success stories of Rockwell Automation Pvt. Ltd
  • The road to an impactful wellness program

Keep an eye out for more interviews with top HR leaders as we explore the determinants for a successful wellness strategy. 

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