Article: Great Connection: People Matters Total Rewards & Wellness Conclave 2021

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Great Connection: People Matters Total Rewards & Wellness Conclave 2021

This year the People Matters Total Rewards and Wellness Conclave will delve deeper into the shifting priorities of talent and brainstorm on 'Great Connection'- a new rewards template for the new normal that aligns business & employee expectations.
Great Connection: People Matters Total Rewards & Wellness Conclave 2021

The ongoing pandemic has nudged many changes, including workplace rewards and wellness trends. 

The workforce is demanding more flexibility and transparency at work. Trust and empathy have taken center stage. How do these new trends and shifting priorities of talent impact your total rewards strategy? 

As we align our rewards philosophy to our business direction, we need to do it by imbibing the accelerated demand from talent for a more holistic, flexible & equitable rewards philosophy. 

Additionally, the phenomenon of employees contemplating quitting, just when economies around the world are poised to rebound strongly following the pandemic, also causes concern. A standard response to people quitting their jobs has been an increase in monetary compensation. Yet, it is not enough to avoid the mass exodus. What's required from the leaders is to dive deeper into this troubling trend and make a sincere effort at understanding the demands and expectations of their employees. 

The current disruption gives us a unique opportunity to break from the past and holistically rethink our total rewards strategy. 

To solve the challenge of Great Attrition businesses need a new rewards template that revolves around Great Connection to align business & employee expectations.

To help business and talent leaders get insights, strategies, and philosophies of Great connections that will help them tailor bespoke rewards packages that are in sync with new employee expectations and priorities, we bring to you People Matters Total Rewards and Wellness Conclave 2021

More than 800 CHROs, Rewards, Wellness, Employee engagement & Culture Leaders, will come together on 25th November 2021 to align their rewards philosophy to the needs of the business & the voice of the employee. 

At this day-long conference learn: 

  • How do we plan & forecast the financial components of our pay for different pay levels in our organization, considering the volatile nature of our business? 
  • How do we design non-financial incentives that retain talent with flexibility and overcome the threat of burnout? 
  • How do we create a differentiated value proposition for different talent segments while resolving the emerging tensions around equity & transparency? 
  • How do we redesign to reflect sensibilities, values, and priorities that are set to dominate the post-pandemic ecosystem of work? 
  • How do we apply the same reward principles beyond our salaried employees? 
  • How do we align our wellness efforts with the overall benefits and compensation strategy to create a sustainable balance for businesses & individuals?

Stay attuned to a rapidly-evolving space of people and work. Join the Total Rewards and Wellness Conference 2021 to brainstorm on Great Connection- a new rewards template for the new normal that aligns business & employee expectations.

Click here to register. 

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