Article: There is an increased investment on learning: Mohit Garg

Strategic HR

There is an increased investment on learning: Mohit Garg

Mohit Garg, Co-Founder and CEO, MindTickle
There is an increased investment on learning: Mohit Garg

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HR in India is on track to create global leadership on the lines of the Telecom growth story. As it is, India faces a set of unique challenges given its large workforces, especially in the knowledge economy. And now we are witnessing an evolution from services to products. When you make this shift, you go from commodity to value. This is happening in every space of HR today and most rapidly in the learning space. Leaders in India have started to ask how learning can be a strategic lever for their company and how it can be a competitive advantage. Investment on learning has increased and companies now go after value-providing partners. Social, cloud, gamification and mobile technologies are being incorporated into training and that is creating a revolution.

This is going to produce a new phase for entrepreneurs that will build solutions for CLOs and CEOs to address learning as a strategic imperative. The resistance that HR products are dealing with is that of commodity pricing. The conventional thinking of preferring commodity pricing over value-based pricing limits the ability of entrepreneurs to create products that create value. Good news is that this reality is fast changing now.

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