Article: Spend a lot of time developing people within: Sandeep Banerjee


Spend a lot of time developing people within: Sandeep Banerjee

In conversation with Sandeep Banerjee, CEO, Edenred India

I strongly believe that the focus on people is a priority, as when the people-focus is in place, the rest will follow


Our context at Edenred is quite unique as while on the one hand we belong to a very established multinational with a very strong brand presence outside of India, in India, we are still a young organization. My focus on HR is therefore aligned to this reality.

My three priorities include firstly, understanding the larger purpose why people choose to work with Edenred? This helps me to align the needs of the organization with those of the people working in our teams. Secondly, how can we create linkages and awareness about the organization’s purpose to align better with people across all levels? And thirdly, how do we make every single person in the organization feel that he/ she ‘is the organization’. I believe the energy and spirit created by the feeling that “I am the organization” is key in building a high performing organization.

Therefore I spend as much as 40% to 50% of my time in talent management activities. Of this a majority chunk goes in developing and nurturing next level and next-to-next level managers in the organization, and this is a case at every level as every manager consciously and actively looks at the next two levels and contributes to their development.

I spend a lot of my time in developing people within the organization. We have identified a 40 individual who belong to the Strategic Human Resources Team. They have been identified as the future leaders of the organization and a lot of my time goes in supporting this group’s development both professionally and emotionally. The rest of my time is spent in creating an appreciative culture where we celebrate milestones and share achievements and experiences at every stage of the journey through continuous articulation and alignment of company and individual goals.

I strongly believe that the focus on people is the priority, as when the people-focus is in place, the rest will follow.

The people essence in the overall business agenda is also reflected in the goal sheet of all individuals holding managerial responsibilities where 15 to 25% of our variable pay component is linked to our people goals. In my case, I have several goals that are part of my scorecard and those are aligned to the HR priorities that I have highlighted. From succession planning, to creating an appreciative culture, to aligning strategic purpose across all levels and coaching and mentoring the next level, all form a part of my key responsibilities.

The HR team is undoubtedly the conscious keeper of human capital. The HR head is a part of the governing council and an integral part of strategy formulation as it is imperative for HR to understand the impact of the activities they own. While implementing initiatives, HR also looks at bringing value by measuring the impact of these initiatives to the larger business context.

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