Article: Indian Millennials at Work


Indian Millennials at Work

Millennials because of their flexibility, affinity towards technology, and a strong sense of purpose can help organizations swim across previously uncharted territories.
Indian Millennials at Work

In a demographic like India, where millennials form the largest chunk of the population,  organizations have a goldmine to explore. Many organizations like Google, Facebook etc. have showcased how millennials can transform an organization. From being young founders of successful companies to holding critical positions at the workplace to design future of an organization, millennials have shown that, in the journey of corporate evolution, it is impossible to ignore the vigor of the demographic cohorts that followed the generation Y, the Millennials.

Ability to adapt and be flexible

In a fast-paced and rapidly changing era, millennials have a natural advantage with their openness to change and showcase higher flexibility in their outlook. They are open to work as freelancers, move across departments, work round the clock and bring in a totally fresh perspective as long as it satisfies their thirst for knowledge and is concurrent with their life goals. An agile lot of the millennials have internalized this fact and are conditioned by it. They like to play it big and bold and for them the times of the slow, safe and steady is passé. They are determined to create an impact through meaningful and purposeful work but not at the cost of pace. 

Born Smart-ians

Another very interesting aspect about millennials is the fact that they were born during the internet boom.  Consequently, they are tech-savvy. This smartphone generation routinely relies on a heavy dosage of technology and internet to carry out everyday tasks such as booking a cab, paying bills, watching movies, even reading books! It is this deft use of technology that differentiates them from their ancestors and makes them an asset for the employers. Their inherent comfort and inclination for technology beautifully blend them with the experienced group to offer integrated insight on products, processes, and customers. They are future ready and make their workplace’s future secured.

Sense of purpose

This happening breed of young workforce is smart and they know it. They have a strong sense of belongingness to what their organization is wanting to achieve and how they contribute to the bigger picture. Knowing there are a plethora of opportunities available in the market, their anchor for taking up a role is more than just getting a job or higher increment. Having a strong sense of purpose in their job and aligning it with organization’s vision creates a talent pool that is able to vision and find long-term solutions. It is no surprise to see some of the most successful CEOS, CTOs and top spots are held by the millennials. They are not bound to the number of working hours and keep their focus on delivery and outcomes. In a cut-throat competition, having a motivated workforce driven by mission and vision can be the biggest advantage for an organization. Hence, it also makes it crucial for organizations to offer great learning platforms, create a strong vision and communicate the mission for the aspiring young workforce. 

Change Agents

Millennials with their exposure to the internet are today much more aware of crucial aspects like economy, products, and brands. They come with no baggage of conventionality and hence are able to see changes and challenges from a new perspective. They are well read and well informed about elements outside their job purview. They have strong opinions about self, organization, and society. It reflects in their work ethic. This younger lot seeking newer experiences is more accepting and embracing of differences – be it race, caste, gender, nationality or religion. They are harbingers of change within their organizations. Their actions promote the organizations to rise to the challenge of diversity and inclusion, to revise and amend laws and practices – from discriminatory homophobic policies, better wages for equal work, to increase the duration of the maternity leave to name a few. Needless to say, that it is their vigor and activism that adds to the vibrancy of the fabric of the organization. Thus, changing the way people work and how they relate to each other at work. It is no surprise to see organization inclining towards CSR and contributing more than just their products are a reflection of how they make an impact in creating an organization’s perception and outlook. 

While the process of creation is never easy as it entails constant experimentations, constant iterations and dealing with the question of financials before finally your eureka moment that sparked the frenzy sees the light of the day. However, for the ambitious, spirited young innovators these are minor hurdles and business as usual. From building a software to simplify health care that allows doctors to upload and store medical records and prescriptions, patient history, billing schedule, make appointments, so on (Practo Ray) to building apps that help Indian farmers increase their produce by providing them data about soil moisture levels (Smart Agri), local mandi prices (Afro Tech) and to providing door to door delivery of vegetables (Groffers) there is no dearth of creativity amongst millennials. One cannot help but admire and appreciate the creative imaginings, products of such fertile minds.

In short, it’s millennials time and those organization’s that can engage this talented bunch of non-conformists with their organization’s mission will become the game changers of the future.

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