Article: Editorial: Disruptive technologies apply to good times & bad times


Editorial: Disruptive technologies apply to good times & bad times

Editorial for June 2010 issue
Editorial: Disruptive technologies apply to good times & bad times

A new generation of collaboration technology is completely transforming the way we work, the way we organize ourselves into teams, the way we interact with and provide support to customers across the globe. In a time when most ideas come with a shelf-life marked “Bull market” or “Bear market”, disruptive technologies apply to good times and bad times alike. Their ability to help us work faster, better, smarter….and cheaper (is there any other such thing?!) was only reinforced during the downturn months.

The possibility of benefits of such developments can only be understood when one looks at precedent – like when we found that Cisco had saved a whopping 6% of bottom-line in 2008-09 alone by deploying their own conferencing technology or that, after a few successful ‘virtual conferences’, IBM is planning to conduct their annual general meeting on a virtual Second Life environment. Our cover story revolves around these possibilities and more – how self-regulating professional networks can become a mass platform for recruitment and on a broader note, how virtual networks can be harnessed for employer branding.

This issue also features a special on Talent Acquisition where we have collected views on executive search, RPO, recruitment technology, industry-wise outook, staffing solutions, partnership models - from leading figures in the world of recruitment. From the point of practical utility for HR professionals, this is highly recommended reference.

On a completely tangential note, Rajeshwar Upadhyaya uses the metaphor of Dhritarashtra in the Mahabharata as a mirror to our acceptance of nepotism in our society. While nepotism is not unique to our culture alone, the alacrity with which it is promoted in the political world (and in businesses) is indeed alarming. In his distinctive style, Rajeshwar digs into the various levels of social complexity of this ugly phenomenon.

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