Article: Editorial: The Future of Talent Management


Editorial: The Future of Talent Management

Editorial for Feb 2011 Issue
Editorial: The Future of Talent Management

When CEOs lose sleep upon the resignation of a couple of high performing mid-level managers, then one realizes how important talent has become for the success of today’s organization. Talent is today at the center of business success and increasingly so. The challenges ahead are many - talent is in short supply, talent is becoming expensive, talent looks and thinks different from ever before and the equation between employer and employee has been changing much faster than the organization’s policies, leaving the entire HR systems outdated.
Our cover story this issue, The Future of Talent Management aims to look at the most relevant trends that business leaders will be paying attention to in 2011. We spoke to CEOs, COOs and HR Heads across industries and have brought together some of the most important new trends in this crucial practice of managing talent.
This issue brings to you another skills development special with the article, India’s New El Dorado, which dissects the Industry for Employability Education in India – the new revolutionary industry is expected to be worth $80 billion by 2012. We spoke to employers and industry players about the current status of employability and employability education in India and the gears they are shifting to adapt to the new growth scenario.
Continuing with the series on change leaders by Dr. Pritam Singh and Dr. Asha Bhandarker from their book In Search of Change Maestros, this issue brings you the story of Sunil Bharti Mittal and how he revolutionized the telecom sector in India, with an exclusive interview of Dr. Singh’s with the man himself.
This issue brings some new exciting sections - The Counsellor is a new section for us professionals to post career and ethical dilemmas to our guest expert, Vivek Paranjpe, Consultant and Strategic HR Advisor to Reliance Industries. We thank Vivek for accepting our invitation and helping the community find solutions in today’s complex work environment. We also thank Elango R, CHRO, MphasiS for agreeing to become a regular contributor in People Matters, a request that came from popular demand.
We also have the pleasure of welcoming some fresh talent into the People Matters team. Rajlakhsmi Saikia joins us as Deputy Editor from another industry publication and Gautam Ghosh, recently ranked 2nd among the Top 25 global online Influencers in Talent Management by HR Examiner, joins us as Guest Editor. Together, we look forward to enriching our readers’ perspective greater zeal and passion in the months to come.

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